James Bond 25 finish, big twists

Daniel Craig wears a tuxedo and looks as happy as James Bond in the movie No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig has a brighter Bond moment u There is no time to die.
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If you’re like us, you probably can’t believe today has really arrived. There is no time to die, Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film, it’s finally in theaters in North America. Originally it was it was supposed to come out in April last year but because of the covid-19 pandemic, suffered more delays. Was even talk about it that might go into streaming– but if you see this weekend, you’ll understand why the decision to release only in theaters was so crucial.

We will discuss below why There is no time to die kept so holy“And give you a chance to tell us and everyone else what you think of the 25th James Bond movie.”

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You can read our full review There is no time to die here, but if you are reading this, chances are high that you are talking to. Or maybe TO. Director Cary Fukunaga eventually has several major bombastic discoveries There is no time to die which would potentially change the future of James Bond as we know it.

Last chance for spoilers.

Go. One, There is no time to die reveals that James Bond had a daughter named Mathilde (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet) with his girlfriend who turned down again, Madeleine (Lea Seydoux). Second, James Bond dies, forced to sacrifice himself so that the biological weapons of the Heracles project he was infected with would not catch and kill both Mathilde and Madeleine.

These are just huge, massive discoveries that offer a multitude of topics for discussion. For example, imagine seeing James Bond die for the first time at home? Of course, a lot of people will watch There is no time to die eventually at home, but the moment, no matter what you think of it, is part of film history. Experiencing it on the big screen is absolutely the ideal way to do it. That’s why, we think, everyone involved was so, so determined to release the film in theaters.

Then there are the potential implications of the franchise. Bond’s death and the discovery of his daughter could, hypothetically, open the door for Mathilde Bond to become the next James Bond. Would franchise owners be that brave? Or will these two discoveries simply act as a way to make Daniel Craig’s character a more cohesive, firmer, more meaningful story unlike the other actors who played the character?

It’s obviously too early to tell. But we’d love to hear what you think about the decisions and the whole movie. How did Rami Malek’s Safin compare himself to other Bond villains? Were you impressed with the action and gadgets? How about Lashan Lynch as 007 or Ana de Armas as a CIA spy? Tell us all below.

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