It’s time for a walk with Prince William on December 6, free for all

Apple has announced the upcoming Apple Fitness + Walk Time with Prince William. In addition to subscribers to Apple Fitness +, it will be available to everyone as a free broadcast on Apple Music 1.

The company says the walk will last 38 minutes, with a choice of listening times to suit different time zones, and a focus on mental health…

Walking Time is essentially an episode of a podcast recorded while a guest speaker enjoys a walk, and Apple customers are encouraged to take a walk while listening. The walks last from 25 to 40 minutes, and the company from Cupertino says that the walk of Prince William lasts 38 minutes.

His Royal Highness Prince William will be the next guest of Time to Walk at Apple Fitness +, closing the second season of the series with a special holiday episode to be released on December 6 […]

In his episode Time to Walk, Prince William talks about the importance of maintaining mental form. He also reflects on the carefree moment when he is pulled out of his comfort zone, the value of listening as a way to empower others, and the experience that led him to prioritize mental health.

Time to Walk invites users to take a walk with some of the most influential and interesting people in the world while sharing stories, photos and music. Every episode […] it is recorded as the guest walks outside or in locations that are important to him, and includes their reflections on lessons learned, meaningful memories, thoughts of purpose and gratitude, moments of recklessness, and topics that provoke reflection.

Prince William (who is second in line to the throne, after Prince Charles) may seem a bit of a strange choice, even to the British, but he was a strong advocate of mental health.

Royal members traditionally choose a small number of areas of interest and then support charitable work in those areas. Prince William has chosen mental health as a key area of ​​focus for his charity fund. One initiative is to support the mental health of children through schools.

Through our work with leading mental health charities, we know that supporting children’s mental health is vital. Since half of all mental health problems begin before the age of 14, nurturing well-being in early life can have a significant and positive impact on every child’s future. As children spend so much time in school, the role of teachers and school staff in supporting their mental health is critical, but teachers are already overwhelmed and often do not know where to start or how best to promote and support mental health in their classroom.

The second is the normalization of mental health discussions among men.

Imagine talking about mental health as much as we talk about football. It is our national game – passionately followed and wholeheartedly loved by millions in the United Kingdom and billions around the world. Many of us will not pass the day without talking about it.

That’s why Heads Together teamed up with the FA to launch Heads Up, a campaign that used football to normalize mental health conversations. Through Heads Up, we worked on the campaign for a long season, building on the FA Heads Up Cup finals, to help people feel comfortable talking about mental health as well as talking about football.

Men usually feel less comfortable than women when it comes to sharing their struggles, which probably explains the fact that men are three times more likely to take their own lives, and that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45.

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