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Noopl 2.0 works with AirPods Pro and your iPhone to help filter out noise from the crowd so you can hear conversations. It is intended for people who are not ready for hearing aids, but would like help to fit into conversations in noisy environments.

I conducted a hearing improvement supplement through real-world testing. Here’s how it stood.

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Review Noopl 2.0

Although I’m not even close to needing a medical hearing aid, I sometimes have trouble hearing people in noisy restaurants. These don’t have to be cluttered – it seems that in some places you just don’t care about the acoustics.

But I can plug Noopl 2.0 into my iPhone, put on AirPods Pro and make it easier to hear the person I’m talking to. The gadget can filter a useful amount of noise from the crowd.

Hardware and design

Noopl 2.0 matches the look of your iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Noopl 2.0 has a Lightning connector and connects directly to the iPhone. And he got the power from the handset.

With 2.0 inches wide, 1.2 inches high and 0.3 inches thick, the accessory is very portable. The outer case is black plastic, with a curved bottom edge. It fits the look of the iPhone pretty well, which is important because you’ll need to keep it and your phone in a visible place when using it.

Obviously, Noopl must have access to the Lightning port. And they won’t be able to make that connection if your case is very thick. It cannot be much thicker than 0.2 inches.

The accessory comes with spacers to fill the space between it and the iPhone. They are not needed, and those in my review unit are poorly designed. I suggest you ignore them.

You will need a pair of AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro to use this hearing aid.

The case

The Noopl 2.0 case comes with a gray canvas case with a zipper that may look too big for such a small accessory, but there’s room inside for your AirPods refill cases as well.

Noopl comes with a nice looking case.
Put your AirPods Pro cases in a Noopl case to hold them together.
Photo: Noopl

Noopl 2.0 performance

I did a real-world test of Noople’s ability to turn off noise. It was as simple as taking it to a restaurant and using it. I also did some “lab” tests that included a set of speakers that emitted mass noise while listening to a lecture on my TV.

And Noopl 2.0 really works. Ambient noise has not disappeared, but it is easier to hear and understand what is being said to me through this device than just by using the ears.

The reason I did some tests at home was that I could turn down the volume of the person spreading until I couldn’t understand what they were saying in the middle of all the noise of the crowd with just my ears, and then I switched to Noopl. I can hear the speaker well.

But keep in mind that you won’t be secretly holding your iPhone in your hand and getting a better sound. The headset and audio accessories should be as close to the other person as possible. It’s okay on the table between you.

Also, the speech sounds a bit distorted. Yet this is still understandable and is becoming more common with practice.

The free Noopl Listen app must be running on your iPhone. The screen can be turned off.

You must have AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro to use with a hearing enhancement supplement. I tried using AirPods 3 and they failed. The difference is that the Pro headphones close your ear to outgoing sounds. Without it, the noise of the crowd overwhelms the sound from Noople.

In a handy trick, the headphones can tell the audio device in which direction to listen. Turn your head and Noople will listen in that direction.

The Noopl Listen app must be running on your iPhone.
Noopl 2.0 is just hardware. The iPhone app takes care of the software side of the audio plugin.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Noopl 2.0 final thoughts

If you’re not ready for a hearing aid, but want extra help after talking in noisy environments, then Noopl 2.0 might be for you.

And if you’re looking for an excuse to buy a pair of AirPods Pro, here you go.


The regular price for Noople 2.0 is $ 249, but it is currently on sale for $ 179 on the noople website. That’s a decent price, especially when you consider the price of traditional hearing aids.

AirPods Pro typically sell for $ 249, but are lower on Amazon at $ 179. That’s another $ 70 savings.

Buys from: Amazon

Comparable products

Some of the toughest competition Noopl 2.0 has to face comes from Nuhear IQbuds 2 Max. These in-ear headphones help you better hear personal conversations by filtering background sounds. I reviewed them too, and they work really well. They cost significantly more than Noople, but are currently on sale at $ 100.

Noopl secured Cult Maca with the review unit for this article. See our review policies and see more detailed reviews of Apple-related items.

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