It seems that Apple didn’t even bother to give the Apple Watch Series 7 a new processor

Yesterday at the Apple event, the company announced the Apple Watch Series 7. This is the latest in the Apple Watch line, but it is strange that the announcement was short. The company seemed to focus mainly on small changes in the design and appearance of the watch and repeated some health features, and that was it.

They didn’t bother to explain the performance improvements, but there’s a reason why. According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith’s tweet, the reason is that the Apple Watch Series 7 apparently uses the same chipset as the one in the 6 Series. We’re not even talking about a modified version of exactly the same thing here.

That means all Apple did was change the chassis, give it a bigger screen, and call it one day. This is a bit strange, but according to Guilherme Rambo, he speculates that something could have happened at the last minute that made Apple improvise to come up with a new model.

You may remember that until the official announcement, there were rumors that the Series 7 could have a whole new design. Apparently that wasn’t the case as you can see, and Rambo believes the rumors were true, but something drastic could have happened that led Apple to put those plans in second place.

There were rumors of a possible manufacturing problem, but given that Apple couldn’t get the new design out of the air so quickly, we’re not quite sure what happened. It also means that if you’re thinking about an upgrade, it looks like the Series 8 would be more worth the wait.

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