iPod Photo adds a color screen to the Apple MP3 player

October 26, 2004: Apple introduces its iPod Photo, a device that can put not only 15,000 songs in your pocket, but also 25,000 photos.

It is the first iPod to offer a color screen and the ability to display digital images and album art. IPod Photo is a big step forward in the functionality of Apple’s iconic music player.

The pinnacle of iPod success

The fourth-generation iPod, iPod Photo, entered the product line at the height of its cultural impact. The device has brought some innovative new features in addition to its 2-inch LCD screen and 65,536 colors with LED backlighting.

Improvements included extended playback time and the ability to send images to TV via composite or S-video cables. Apart from the screen and other updates, it kept the same Click Wheel controller as other iPods, along with the then standard FireWire and USB 2.0 connections.

It came in two configurations: a $ 40 model that cost $ 500 and a 60 GB version that cost $ 600. This made the iPod Photo a relatively expensive (though tempting) offer.

iPod Photo: All about the screen

Of course, that cute color screen was a big selling point for iPod Photo. It made a huge difference compared to the gray, monochrome screens of previous iPods.

The menus looked cleaner and built-in Solitaire the game finally proved to be playable. Even better, the names of the artists or the titles of the songs and albums that were not on the screen were no longer abbreviated by a colon. Now they scrolled the screen. It was like living in the future!

Looking back from today’s point of view, it is obvious that devices like the iPod Photo were not just attempts to extend the life of a product that has been in the tooth for a long time by applying a few cheap (or not so cheap) tricks. Instead, the ability to carry a high-end color screen in your pocket and be able to use it to view photos was part of an upgrade to the iPhone, which Apple introduced three years later in 2007. Thus, the launch of the iPod Photo helped paved the way for Apple’s arrival as a true “primarily mobile” company.

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