‘iPhone SE 3’ presents you to imagine a wonderful design upgrade that we won’t get

It’s nice, but it’s unlikely.
Render: Ten Tech Review

The new renderings of the “iPhone SE 3” show a great design upgrade with an edge-to-edge screen and no Home button. The device is quite similar to the iPhone XR, but with the same dimensions as the current iPhone SE.

These images are said to be based on leaked CAD drawings, but before you get too excited, they are probably not accurate. At least not for the iPhone SE 3.

Render imagine iPhone SE with iPhone XR design

“As you can see in the leaked image above, the overall design remains quite similar to its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020,” reports Ten Tech Review, who made renderings based on information provided by the tipster David Kowalski.

“The dimensions have remained exactly the same as on the previous model, 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm (8.2 mm with camera protrusion)… The screen will have 131.3 x 60.2 mm… The front is very similar to the iPhone XR. ”

The report acknowledges that “the comma is not yet 100% confirmed”, but says it is “very likely” that the iPhone SE will get it this year. There is no mention of whether the upgrade is expected to bring Face ID or whether Apple will set up Touch ID elsewhere.

iPhone SE 3 render
Similar to the iPhone XR, only smaller.
Render: Ten Tech Review

This looks and sounds like a pretty tasty iPhone SE upgrade – and it’s one we’ll probably see in the future, and Apple is expected to recycle the design of the iPhone XR for a new home phone at some point. But not this year.

iPhone SE 3 will not be this beautiful

Other, more reliable sources have repeatedly stated that this year’s iPhone SE refresh will continue to use the same design as last year’s model. It is expected to get 5G and more powerful internal components, but without significant external changes.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed until Apple officializes the third generation iPhone SE. But as things stand, it looks like we’ll be waiting at least until 2024 for a phone that looks like this one on these renders.

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