IPhone owners suffer from occasional problems entering touch under iOS 15

Some iPhone models have problems with the touch screen as part of Apple’s latest firmware for iOS 15. The problem, which seems to affect iPhone 13 owners the most, causes devices not to respond to touch inputs.

Restarting temporarily fixes the problem, although it looks like it will reappear soon. Some say that repeated touches can lead to normal screen operation again.

iOS 15 brings touch issues to iPhone owners

iOS 15 presented a number of frustrating issues for iPhone owners when it made its public debut just over a week ago. Users report problems with home screen widgets, Apple Watch connectivity, and more.

Apple has already promised a fix for iPhone 13 adopters who can’t use Unlock with the Apple Watch. He also released a guide to support those who can’t use Apple Music after restoring a new iPhone model from a backup.

Obviously, the frustrations don’t end there. Twitter, Reddit, and other online platforms are flooded with complaints from iPhone users who suffer from touch-entry issues after installing the latest Apple software.

“7 out of 10 times when I take the phone out of my pocket it doesn’t respond to my finger,” wrote one iPhone 13 Pro Max owner on Reddit. “Lights up, unlocks via Face ID, but I can’t continue because there’s no response.”

‘Touch screen does not respond completely’

“My screen comes to life, unlocks, but the touch screen doesn’t fully respond unless I press the power button to fall asleep again and then wake it up,” wrote another.

Someone’s iPhone 13 doesn’t register touch events consistently? Is it the thing with the app, iOS 15 or my iPhone 13 thing

“I’m glad other people are experiencing the same thing,” said one iPhone owner. “I thought it was just me. I’m … on the regular version of iOS 15 and I experience it from time to time. ”

I have an iPhone 13 pro in less than 24 hours and I already have problems with the touch screen … a great success @AppleSupport

Although the problem seems to be more common among iPhone 13 owners, it has obviously been experienced by some people with older Apple smartphones as well.

@AppleSupport there is some problem with the touch sensitivity of my iphone 12 pro max since updating to ios15. It doesn’t respond to any touch like before, like touch to play YouTube videos or touch when iPhone is locked. Now I have to touch 4-6 times.

@AppleSupport @Apple my iPhone X does not handle touch properly after upgrading to iOS 15. It happens with any app and with the home screen. Sometimes it looks like the clipboard touches were released later at once.

Good news

While this problem can be incredibly frustrating for some, there is good news. The fact that it was introduced with iOS 15 also affects a number of different iPhone models, but confirms that it is not a hardware failure.

This means that the problem should be easily solved by future software updates. For now, however, there is no word on when that could happen. Apple has not yet publicly acknowledged the problem.

Via: MacRumors

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