IPhone chargers should be included in the box, the lawsuit says

Apple was sued in China for not including iPhone chargers in the box. The report states that the lawsuit was proposed because of its ‘public interest’ status, suggesting it could be accelerated or given a higher profile.

A fine for consumer protection in Brazil follows for the same problem, and Apple is forced to continue shipping EarPods with iPhones in France…


Throughout history, Apple has included a charging pad and a pair of EarPods headphones in the box with each new iPhone sold. That ended last year, and Apple decided to omit both items from the iPhone 12 box, citing environmental reasons.

For the first time, neither the power charger nor Apple EarPods will be included in the purchase of the iPhone. Apple says this will save 2 million metric tons of carbon a year.

While some accepted Apple’s reasoning, others accused the company of making the decision to save money and sell more accessories.

In Brazil, Apple violated the consumer protection regulator and was fined $ 2 million “for misleading advertising, selling devices without chargers and unfair conditions.” In France, the company was forced to adopt a box-in-box solution to continue shipping EarPods in accordance with safety laws.

Lawsuit for iPhone Chargers

Vice reports.

A group of Chinese university students have filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding that the company provide a charger for the iPhone they bought […]

Prosecutors argued that Apple used environmental concerns only as an excuse to promote its MagSafe chargers […]

Students from Beijing and Shanghai tried to challenge [environmental] argument in court, according to a report from Shanghai Law Journal. They asked Apple to provide a wall charger for an iPhone 12 Pro Max bought by one student, pay 100 yuan ($ 16) for breach of contract and cover legal costs.

Although the lawsuit is aimed at the iPhone 12, any verdict would of course apply to the iPhone 13 and later models.

Interestingly, one argument is that the cable itself is not good because it is USB-C, and while everyone has USB-A chargers, not everyone has USB-C.

The case is now awaiting additional information from both the student and Apple.

Apple is also facing legal pressure in Europe to switch from Lightning to USB-C, but the timelines involved are such that the company will do so or switch to an iPhone without a port, before the law goes into effect.

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