iPhone 14 will not include Touch ID on the screen

The bad news: it looks like the iPhone 14 won’t be Apple’s first with a Touch ID scanner on screen.
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Apple will not install the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system in the iPhone 2022, according to a very reliable tipster. This is bad news for those who are not fans of Face ID or want another option.

There have been no specific reports that the iPhone 14 will include Touch ID, but Apple is reportedly working on a screen version.

No Touch ID in iPhone 14

Rumors from 2021 say that Cupertino is testing a fingerprint scanner on the screen. Apparently, this didn’t fit into this year’s iPhone 13.

And when asked to enter thread on Twitter whether it will be in the iPhone 14, screen expert Ross Young said: “It doesn’t look like Touch ID this year.”

Ross Young is the founder of DisplaySearch. According to him, his predictions about upcoming Apple products have been 100% accurate so far AppleTrack.

For now, only Face ID

While tipsters claim that Apple is investigating the return of fingerprint scanning to their devices, they say that Face ID is not going anywhere. Touch ID would be an additional option.

Apple’s face recognition system will almost certainly be part of the iOS device for 2022 – and it will get on a facelift. Instead of a notch, Young predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro will use a “hole + pill” layout for the front camera and Face ID scanners.

In addition, many of Apple’s biggest rivals, including Samsung, incorporate face recognition and fingerprint scanning into their phones. And touching the iPhone unlock screen is sometimes more convenient than pointing the front camera toward your face.

Assuming the rumors are true, none of the tipsters could say why Apple is procrastinating with putting Touch IDs on the screen in their devices. But it is likely that the company does not think that biometric technology is reliable enough or inconspicuous enough when it is built into the screen. Or both.

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