iPhone 14 is reportedly a ‘complete redesign’

The iPhone 13 series is barely available in stores, but that doesn’t stop the growing number of leaks around next year’s models. As 9to5Mac notes, BloombergHistorically accurate Mark Gurman claimed that the iPhone 14 would represent a “complete redesign” – the first since the iPhone X arrived in 2017. The relatively modest update of the iPhone 13 was a hint that bigger things were coming, he said. Gourmet was shy about the details of what the new hardware would include, but earlier rumors could offer a clue as to what to expect.

Most importantly, the often accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently claimed that Apple will start completely dropping the screen notch in 2022, starting with the iPhone 14 Pro, which would use a front camera with holes like many Android phones. YouTuber Jon Prosser also claimed to have renderings based on real photos of the new iPhone. The new model would reportedly resemble a large iPhone 4 with a strip-like titanium outer ring, flat rear cameras and a thicker chassis.

Other rumors suggest that Apple could kick the mini iPhone out of its offering, replacing it with a larger ‘regular’ model as well as the usual Pro offerings. There has been noise due to insufficient display of Touch ID, but it is not certain if this would be ready for 2022, if it exists at all.

We would take the reports with some caution. No matter how accurate the reports were, the next iPhone was about a year away. There is still a chance that Apple could make significant changes before it locks down the production design. Whatever the end result, the common theme of data leakage suggests that the iPhone 14 could be an important upgrade.

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