iPhone 14 and Apple head-mounted screens could face power shortages due to Wi-Fi 6E

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a research report saying the iPhone 14 and Apple’s upcoming head-mounted screens will support Wi-Fi 6E, directing competing products to adopt the technology. However, he warned of potential shortages in stocks.

Earlier, Kuo said that Wi-Fi 6E is the key to “wireless integration of Metaverse devices (sic).” He added that the Wi-Fi supply chain will be the primary market winner for billions of screens on the head over the next ten years. In its latest report, the analyst said LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) consumption for Wi-Fi 6E will be higher than previous Wi-Fi specifications. However, LTCC supply will become tight again in 2022.

Wi-Fi 6E supports two to three frequency bands more than Wi-Fi 6. So if it uses a 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 MIMO design and each frequency band requires two to four LTCCs, the Wi-Fi 6E will use over 20 LTCC per device. The lack of supply could significantly affect the availability of screens on the head.

In another previous report, Kuo noted that less than 5 percent of smartphones and laptops currently on sale support Wi-Fi 6. But to optimize the wireless experience and battery life, headphones should support the latest Wi-Fi technologies. including Wi-Fi 6, 6E, 7 and 5G millimeter waves. In addition, most head-mounted screens are expected to support these wireless protocols over the next two to three years.

Kuo predicts that Apple, Meta and Sony will dominate the hardware market of Metaverse 2022 devices. These companies are expected to launch their head-mount devices in 2H22, 4Q22 and 2Q22, respectively. The analyst added that Apple and Meta’s hardware will support Wi-Fi 6E, but Sony’s PS5 VR devices will only support Wi-Fi 6.

However, this is just a rumor and should be understood with a little salt. Nothing can be said with certainty until Apple officially announces or teases the product. What do you think about this?

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