iPhone 13 series increases battery size by up to 18%

Pull out the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 batteries to find out their exact capacities.
Photo: iFixit

Apple has boosted batteries in all four models in the new iPhone 13 series. There is a significant increase in capacity in all of them, especially in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Tears of the iPhone 13, including those from iFixit, are beginning to appear, revealing these battery sizes.

IPhone 13 battery improvements in all segments

Apple promises significantly longer charging times for all 2021 models. Hours longer. But it never reveals the exact size of any of the headphones on its headphones. That’s why customers have to wait for new devices to be torn down to find out about this important specification. But now that the iPhone 13 series has been released, we can fill in that detail.

The battery in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 16.75Wh, compared to last year’s Pro Max which had 14.13Wh. That is an increase of 18.5%. Understandably, this super-sized version has almost double the battery life of the tiny iPhone 13 mini.

Apple put an 11.97Wh battery in the smaller iPhone 13 Pro, compared to the 10.78Wh battery in the predecessor, which is a jump of 11%.

The 6.1-inch iPhone 13 (standard) includes a 12.54Wh battery. That’s 16% more than the 10.78 Wh battery in the iPhone 12.

Anyone paying attention might notice that the power cell in the iPhone 13 is like that night from the one in the iPhone 13 Pro. This is necessary because the Pro model has a larger camera. However, the more expensive device has a longer battery life – both Apple and the reviewers agree. iFixit explains in the words, “Fantastic new Pro screens allow them to sip the battery, leading to better battery life.”

The iPhone 12 mini has caused criticism due to its short battery life. Apple has stepped up the new iPhone 13 mini with a 9.34Wh battery, which is 9% more than the 8.57Wh in the original.

Apple can’t avoid the laws of physics so all iOS 2021 models are heavier and slightly thicker than their predecessors.

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