iPhone 13 Pro: Keep up with the best new features

We’ve spent the last two days testing some of its best iPhone 13 Pro features that users will enjoy – and some aren’t ready for prime time.

Some of the changes to the iPhone 13 Pro over the previous iPhone 12 Pro are relatively small, like the comma size. Apple has reduced the size of the comma, but the OS does not use this newly found space.

The new colors represent a significant difference between 2021 and 2020. The merging of graphite, silver and gold is Sierra Blue, which replaces the outgoing Pacific Blue.

Comparison of Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro and Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max

Comparing the Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro with the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Sierra Blue is slightly brighter on the back and side, but that’s not a big departure.

The new color is joined by several new exclusive live wallpapers. There are four vivid wallpapers that look similar but with different color schemes. There are blue, green, pink and yellow.

New live wallpapers

New live wallpapers

On your lock screen, these wallpapers animate moving light bars. They also support light and dark mode. You can only find these wallpapers on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A15 Bionic processor

Inside the iPhone 13 Pro is an A15 Bionic processor. Apple did not point out the performance improvements of this processor compared to the A14, but they are there. Especially in the graphics department.

The A15 Bionic stands out with its graphics

The A15 Bionic stands out with its graphics

In the Geekbench Compute Metal graphical benchmark, we saw a performance jump from 9451 on the iPhone 12 Pro to 14275 on the iPhone 13 Pro. This is because the A15 Bionic includes an additional GPU core, now with five active cores.

The A15 Bionic is also the power behind the new ProMotion screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a huge jump in battery life. It’s only been a few days since we got the iPhone 13 Pro review, but we’re definitely noticing the extended battery usage, even if we test so many features.

New cameras

The most impressive of the iPhone 13 Pro are the upgraded cameras. The new camera system has switched from a 2X telephoto lens to the iPhone 12 Pro to a 3X telephoto lens to the iPhone 13 Pro. This also allows up to 15X digital zoom and 3X optical zoom on videos.

New 3X telephoto lens

New 3X telephoto lens

This year, both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have the same cameras. This is a marked difference compared to 2020, where the iPhone 12 Pro Max had a better telephoto lens.

We are also thrilled with the ultra-wide lens enhancements. Switching from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8 allows significantly more light to hit the sensor. With more light, it can focus faster, which can reduce blur in your shots. Improving the aperture also results in a reduction in grain or noise in medium to low light.

Not to mention the macro mode. Below are a few shots we’ve taken so far – but they look amazing because they were taken on a smartphone. They are well lit, very sharp and noiseless.

Cinema mode on and off

Cinema mode on and off

There is much more on which we could explore our near full review in more detail, such as the early weaknesses of the film’s way of working. We’ve already talked about this in our iPhone 13 mini review, but the short version is that it seems like the early days of Portrait mode. When it works, it works well – but sometimes it can have problems recognizing edges, occlusion problems, and bleeding.

Where to buy

If you’re ready to buy an iPhone 13 Pro, retail prices start at $ 999, but the best deals for the iPhone regularly include service discounts and replacement promotions — and even free gift card deals.

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