IPhone 13 owners report problems with CarPlay crashes when opening apps

Users have complained about some bugs on the new iPhone 13. Earlier this month, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series. This time, more iPhone 13 users are complaining that the device doesn’t work with Apple CarPlay. They have problems playing apps and music on CarPlay.

Many users are not happy to see this error after upgrading to iPhone 13. Apple CarPlay worked quite well for these people before they upgraded to the latest iPhone. ZDNet calls the iPhone 13 a beta product.

Then there’s CarPlay. For me, it just falls apart.
A quick search of social media suggests I’m not alone here. Plenty of other beta testers who paid Apple full price report the same problem.
My old iPhone worked well.

Another user claims that most apps crash on CarPlay. The list includes SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music and Amazon Music. As expected, Apple Music works just fine. CarPlay error is not limited to OEM settings. It has also affected third party units, including those from Kenwood, Sony and Alpine.

Although I can run the Sirius XM app on my iPhone and play the station when I go to the app on the car’s radio screen and hit my favorite channels, I get a message that the Sirius XM can’t be loaded I have to go to the phone to change the channel. Just like with Amazon music, I can select a song on the iPhone, but if I try to open the app on the car radio screen, Amazon music cannot be loaded.
My main unit is the Alpine ILX-W650.

After reading more reports, the problem seems to lie in iOS 15, not in any particular iPhone model. However, some claim that the problem started after the upgrade to the iPhone 13.

I had an iPhone 12 with iOS 15, everything worked neatly and elegantly.
I upgraded to iPhone 13 and now music is not played using CarPlay when I use Spotify or Apple Music.

Problems with Apple CarPlay seem to be widespread. Several users complained about the crash of CarPlay when downloading a call, opening an app, or playing a song via music apps. It is too early to say whether there is a hardware or software problem. Problems with Apple CarPlay on iPhone 13? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Apple Support]

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