IPhone 13 owners cannot use the Unlock using the Apple Watch feature

Convenient feature Unlocking with the Apple Watch does not work for some new iPhone 13 users. They receive an error message when they try to turn on the feature.

Apple introduced the Unlock with Apple Watch feature in February this year. It was an effective solution at a time when Face ID was not working because of the face masks that people wore.

If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you can enable this handy feature under Person ID and code settings. Once this setting is turned on, your iPhone will verify your identity and unlock the device using the connected Apple Watch if the following conditions are met:

  • Face ID reveals the mask
  • Your Apple Watch is nearby
  • The Apple Watch is on your wrist
  • Your Apple Watch is unlocked
  • Your Apple Watch has a passcode enabled

This feature can also be used to lock your iPhone from an Apple Watch using Lock your iPhone option.

Unfortunately, many buyers of the iPhone 13 today discovered first hand that this feature does not work on their new devices. Attempting to turn it on results in an error message that reads “you cannot communicate with the Apple Watch. Make sure your Apple Watch is also unlocked on the wrist and the iPhone is unlocked. ”

In fact, there is a Reddit thread in which people complain about this problem. It is worrying that none of the mitigating attacks that people have tried so far have succeeded. Some have tried to turn the deleted wrist on and off, restart the Apple Watch, restart the iPhone, turn Bluetooth on and off, and turn on and off airplane mode, all without success.

Another user mentioned that pairing and repairing the Apple Watch, hard resetting the watch and iPhone, and disabling the password also didn’t help.

The problem seems to be widespread and obviously detrimental to the user experience that Apple had in mind for the iPhone 13. We expect the company to solve the problem by updating for iOS, just as it solved the problems with Apple Music.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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