iPhone 13: How to record videos in cinema mode

With the launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple has introduced several new camera features that take advantage of the A15 Bionic processor and advanced machine learning. One of them is called Cinematic Mode. This article explains what film mode is and how to use it.

What is film mode?

Cinema mode uses Dolby Vision HDR and a technique called “rack focus” to seamlessly shift focus from one subject to another when shooting video. This is achieved by locking the focus on the subject in the scene and blurring the background to achieve depth of field. If you subsequently move the camera to the center on a new subject or a new subject enters the scene, the cinema mode automatically switches the focal point to this new subject and blurs the background.

For example, if you’re shooting someone’s video and then another person enters the scene, your iPhone will intelligently adjust the ambiguity of the environment to lock the other person’s focus. It will even automatically switch to the initial subject if the person’s face looks away from the camera, effectively creating a sophisticated professional filming effect on the go.

While impressive, the cinematic mode isn’t perfect, however Apple has made the effect fully customizable, thanks to a post-shoot edit mode that allows you to change the focus after shooting a video. Continue reading to learn how to use the cinema mode on the iPhone 13 mini, PiPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and PiPhone 13 Pro Max.

How to use cinematic mode when shooting video

  1. Run Camera application on your “iPhone” and drag the camera mode menu so that “Cinematic” is highlighted.
  2. Align the viewfinder so that your initial subject is captured and the focus lens of the lens, then touch the shutter button to start shooting movies.
    cinematic mode1
  3. Allow another person or object at a different distance from the camera lens to enter the shot – your iPhone will automatically refocus when locked to a new subject. Touch the shutter button again when you have finished recording a video.

This is all. You can also manually select the subjects you want to focus on, retroactively, after shooting the video. Here’s how.

How to adjust the focus of the cinema mode after shooting

  1. Run Photos application on your iPhone and select a video recorded in cinema mode.
  2. Touch Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Slide your finger on the clip roller at the bottom of the screen to find the part of the clip you want to edit.
  4. Touch another area of ​​the image to move the focus point to a new subject. Note that the icon in the upper left corner of the screen is now marked to indicate Manual tracking is included.
  5. The dashed yellow line below the clip roll indicates how long the currently selected subject is being tracked in the clip. If you touch rounded point a trash icon will appear in the queue – tap this and the tracking of this theme will be removed.
  6. Touch Done when you are happy with your changes.

If you took the iPhone 13 or are considering purchasing, be sure to check out the Photo Styles feature that the iPhone 13 Series brings to the Camera app.

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