iOS 15: How to get notified if you leave AirPods Pro behind

In iOS 15, Apple added split warnings to the Find My app, which notifies you when you leave an AirTag or other Apple device behind. Thanks to a firmware update in October 2021, AirPods Pro now also supports unbundling warnings. This article explains more about how they work and how you can set them up.

Called “Notifications when lagging”, the “Find mine” separation alerts in ‌iOS 15‌ notify you every time you detach from an item in an unknown location, which can be useful for items you take with you while traveling or visiting public locations. Like AirPods Pro, for example.

This feature automatically sets your home as a trusted location (somewhere where you often leave irAirPods Pro‌ and don’t want to be notified every time), so you need to add your home address to your contact card in the Contacts app before enabling it.

To use AirPods Pro unbundling warnings, you must first verify that your AirPods Pro updated is updated with the latest firmware. Here’s how.

How to update your AirPods Pro firmware

You can do this by inserting them into the AirPods Pro charging box and connecting the case to a power source using the included Lightning on a USB cable. Then move the paired iPhone or iPad with the AirPods near the charging case and make sure your iOS device has an Internet connection.

After a short time, all available software updates should be downloaded and installed automatically. If you’re having trouble updating your AirPods, make sure the charging case is fully charged. You can also try resetting AirPods. You need AirPods firmware 4A400 or later, and you can check your firmware version by following these steps:

  • Connect your AirPods or AirPods Pro to your iOS device.
  • Open up Settings application.
  • Touch In general.
  • Touch Oh.
  • Touch AirPods.
  • See the number next to “Firmware Version.”

How to enable separation alerts for AirPods Pro

The following steps go through the process of setting up unbundling warnings in “iOS 15” for “AirPods Pro” with updated firmware.

  1. Run Find My application on your “iPhone” or “iPad”.
  2. Select Devicesand tap “AirPods Pro” in the list for which you want to set alerts.
  3. Touch Notify when lagging behind.
    find mine
  4. Turn on the power switch Notify when lagging behind.
  5. In the “Notify me except in” section, tap New location to set a reliable location where you do not want to receive alerts.
  6. On the “Add Location” map screen, search for or enter an address in the input field. You can determine the radius of the ring geographic fence for your trusted location by dragging the blue dot or using Small,, Medium, or Big options at the bottom. Touch Done when you finish.
  7. If there are no more exceptions in the location you want to add, tap Done.
    find mine

Now the next time you leave your AirPods Pro in a public place, you will receive an alert notifying you shortly thereafter, giving you the opportunity to download them before continuing your journey.

Of course, these warnings depend on not leaving your iPhone behind (there’s currently no equivalent split warning on the Apple Watch for this scenario), so it’s a device you won’t want to forget, wherever you are.

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