iOS 15 and iPhone 13 cause CarPlay issues for some users

To the list of problems faced by iOS 15 and iPhone 13 users is added a new, seemingly widespread bug that causes a sudden drop in CarPlay every time a user tries to play music, for example via Apple Music or other vendors like Spotify.

Dozens of posts on Apple support [1],,[2],,[3],,[4],,[5],,[6], MacRumors Forums [1],,[2],,[3],,[4], i Twitter include users who complain that only their new “iPhone 13” “CarPlay” does not work properly. According to users, trying to play music from any CarPlay app causes a system crash, but it works just fine when they try out older iPhones. As one MacRumors reading chronicles:

I updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 15, drove to the store with no problems with Carplay. While I was there, I activated my new iPhone 13 mini (and disabled 11) and now Carplay is not working. Attempting to play any music causes it to crash and not come back. Pair and re-pair the phone, the phone has been turned off and on many times, reset the stereo / screen, tried a new cable, nothing works. Now I drive in silence, and that’s pathetic.

Other users report that the problem still exists in wired and wireless form. If Bluetooth is running, an active music application, such as Spotify, must remain on the screen and will stop playing if the user switches to another application. One user on Apple’s support forums explains:

I had an iPhone 12 with iOS 15, everything worked neatly and elegantly. I upgraded to iPhone 13 and now music is not played using CarPlay when I use Spotify or Apple Music. I have a 2018 Audi and I use lighting to connect to CarPlay. When I click on a song using either Spotify or Apple Music, my CarPlay app shuts down. CarPlay works and doesn’t turn off when I use Google Maps or Apple podcasts. But as soon as I click on a song, Apple CarPlay simply shuts down.

Frustrated users also turned to Twitter to express their complaints, asking Apple for support solutions, only to be able to refer to Apple support articles that do little to change the issue. Due to a lack of Apple support guidelines, users have found that disabling EQ or equalizer, especially ensuring that the “Late Night” switch is off in “Apple Music” settings, solves the problem, while others have found that restoring all network settings to iPhone also helps.

One reader MacRumors claims that Apple Support has informed them that this is a widespread issue and could be patched in an upcoming update. The “CarPlay” issue adds to the growing list of bugs in the initial release of OSiOS 15, including serious bugs that could cause users to delete photos from their library, touch screen and storage issues, Apple Music, and widget issues.

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