iOS 15.2 Beta 2 adds a macro mode switch to the camera app on the iPhone 13 Pro

The second beta version of iOS 15.2 adds a Macro mode switch to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max when Auto Macro is disabled in Settings, allowing users to manually turn off Macro mode directly from the Camera app when it starts automatically.

The new feature, first spotted by Aaron Zollo, offers a flower icon in the lower left of the screen when the camera is close enough to the subject to launch Macro mode. Users can then tap the flower icon to disable and re-enable Macro mode.

To get the new switch option, users need to go to Settings, get to the camera, and turn off the automatic macro. Then, when it is close enough to an object, the switch will appear automatically. There are also new preservation settings for Auto Macro.

By default, the iPhone 13 Pro automatically switches to macro mode when it is close enough to the subject, which means that macro mode is sometimes activated in unwanted circumstances. The new switch is a significant improvement over the current implementation in iOS 15.1, where users must go to the Settings app to completely turn off Macro mode if they want to temporarily disable it.

The second beta version of iOS 15.2 also introduced a number of other improvements, such as legacy contacts, scanning lost items, Communication Security and more. These enhancements come in addition to the features of the first iOS 15.2 beta, which include an Application Privacy Report, Emergency SOS settings, and a redesigned notification summary.

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