Introductory introductory titles by Jazzy Netflix Cowboy Bebop revealed by Yoko Kanno

Faye Valentine Danielle Pineda, Spike Spiegel by John Cho and Mustafa Shakira’s Jet Black salon on the couch in Bebop’s living room.

Three bisexuals, who don’t know how to sit on the couch, as is the custom.
Photography: Netflix

Perhaps there are several anime openings that have burned so much in the collective psyche of the fandom as Cowboy Bebop“Tank!”. It is the subject of elegant silhouetted animation homage and parody for decades, but they are rhythmic, hypnotic brass and bass musical instruments Yoko Kanno and belts‘whispering about a topic that has convinced cottages that they actually love jazz more than anything in recent years. But it’s time for something a little new.

At today’s event, the Netflix Tudum streamer offered us a small clip of the host of the show, André Nemec live-action Cowboy Bebop in, well, live action. But with some shift: we didn’t really get to see it Spike Spiegel John Choa and friends zooming in on the universe ready for their next prize; instead, we took a first look at a sleek, sleek series of titles that Netflix will keep asking you about wanting to skip in just a few months.

The new introductory animation is worth enough attention, of course, but what we are indeed here are several scores by one of the top anime composers of the last few decades, the legendary Yoko Kann. Kann’s work on the original Bebop is loved for a reason, but her latest catalog contains some absolutely remarkable works, such as haunting, rhythmic electronics of Ghost in the Shell: A stand-alone complex; the comprehensive epics from Macross Plus; and ethereal choral work and sublime strings absolutely amazing Turn A Gundam soundtrack. The fact that for this iteration we get Kanno material Bebop is reason enough to celebrate, but the fact that it is new material – as the cast and crew repeated again, these are things that are in line the spirit of the original anime, and not just re-creating what was before – it really is very special.

Cowboy Bebop, which also stars Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine, and at least Two very good boys like Ein, will be ready to blast this scene when it arrives on Netflix on November 19th. 3, 2, 1 …

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