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Back in 2015, we launched the first calendar on social media. We were so excited to introduce a new way of planning and scheduling to Buffer, and it proved to be a favorite feature among customers.

Buffer has changed a lot since then. We redesigned our interface and added new planning features, such as story scheduling, campaigns, and hashtag managers. Inevitably, our calendar started to seem a bit outdated and out of tune with the rest of the buffer. It even began to live on a completely separate code base, making it difficult for engineers to update and repair.

What began as a silent call for improvement has become a series of customer feedback. In fact, the word “calendar” has appeared a whopping 247 times in our feature request form since early 2020.

The most common topic? All social media channels visible in one view of the global calendar. Here are some examples:

So, our design team started working; interview customers, look at existing patterns of use and dive deeper into the ideal experience. Here’s how we summed it up in our design review:

Which brings us to today, many prototypes later, launching a whole new calendar experience it is available on free and paid clipboards.

Let’s take a closer look!

Full planning visibility

The new calendar is on your publishing dashboard and you can access it from the menu on the left side of the dashboard. You can choose between a per week or per month view.

The weekly view shows you the key details of each post you have scheduled for the week; the channel to which it is scheduled, a preview of the text and a thumbnail of your image.

The monthly view gives you a higher level snapshot of the month with timestamps for each scheduled post. It’s a great way to spot and fill in the gaps in your strategy.

If you want to exclude certain channels from the calendar, you can use Channels drop-down menu to select the channels to be displayed.

Use to add a new post to the calendar Create Post button. This will open the composer, where you can select the scheduled time.

Note: We are currently exploring other ways to add and rearrange posts; for example by clicking on a time frame and dragging and dropping. We’d love to hear if this matters to you!

Check your calendar anywhere, anytime

The new calendar is built into our iOS and Android apps. It’s the fastest way to stay tuned to everything you’ve scheduled and add content on the go.

Much more follows

We are thrilled to hear your feedback and add strength to the new calendar. What needs to be added next? How can we make it twice as good? We have some ideas, including:

  • Drag and drop calendar posts.
  • Create a post by clicking on the time frame.
  • View and filter campaigns.

Share your thoughts

Are you excited about the new calendar? Do you have any ideas for us? Send us a tweet @buffer or use the Share Feedback button we added above the new calendar on your clipboard.

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