Intellidash Pro is an external CarPlay unit that works with any car

CarPlay is becoming an essential part of using iOS. What started out as something just in high-end aftermarket stereos has become the default for new cars. Unfortunately, my 2017 car doesn’t have it and I’m not interested in completely erasing the factory window – since it’s pretty unique in shape and I’m worried it will look a bit inappropriate. However, there is a new solution to my situation and it is the perfect way to add CarPlay without replacing your existing stereo system. I’ve had an Intellidash Pro car and driver in my car for the last few weeks, and it’s the perfect way to use your iPhone if your vehicle doesn’t include CarPlay.

CarPlay is Apple’s way of adding iOS support to your car. It’s an easy way to follow Apple Maps, use a podcast app, or listen to Apple Music while you’re in the car. It brings an Apple-like interface to the car. With Intellidash’s external CarPlay unit, you can bring it to any vehicle.

External CarPlay unit

The best way to think about an Intellidash Pro car and driver is how external GPS systems are used to look and function in your car. Includes an arm holder that can be mounted directly to your armature using glue or attached to the windshield using a suction cup. It plugs into your car’s DC power adapter and then into the AUX audio port. After installation, I paired the iPhone with a Bluetooth connection in the car, and then paired it with IntelliDash. My iPhone immediately detected it as a CarPlay unit and then immediately displayed the CarPlay interface on the screen. One note on the glue is that it comes off easily without damaging your dashboard. I decided to move it and it came with ease.

The device I have works wirelessly, so it is not necessary to connect it to the lightning rod for display. If you want to save $ 50 on the purchase price, you can opt for a model that uses only wiring. I use the Anker PowerWave to keep the iPhone charged while I’m in the car, so the wireless model was perfect for my use.

The ideal way to use CarPlay?

If you’ve ever used CarPlay, you know it’s light years better than any car software. Ideally, CarPlay should be installed in your car from the factory, but not everyone has that luxury. My car is new, but he didn’t turn it on. If you have an older car that can use an adapter for the auxiliary belt, this is the perfect addition for its modernization.

If you need a way to add CarPlay to your car without going through the hassle of tearing up an existing deck, this is perfect product for you. Like someone who has never used CarPlay full time, me love to. It allows me to use CarPlay via the in-car aux port without having to replace the entire system. You can also continue to use Bluetooth as your primary connection. Connecting the iPhone to the car seemed to work great without using the aux port. I chose to use the aux port for simplicity.

Other functions and locking

The car and driver Intellidash Pro also works with Android Auto. Includes a built-in microphone and a USB port for charging or connecting to the phone.

If you are a programmer, this external CarPlay unit would also be an ideal product to test. You can easily place it on your desk using a simple AC / DC adapter.

Like I said, it’s ideal to have CarPlay built into your car, but if you don’t want to rip out your car’s existing infotainment system or buy a new car – this is your best option as an outdoor CarPlay unit. Although I haven’t tested it, it should work with Tesla as well. It’s easy to install, remove and easy to set up with your iPhone. Intellidash Pro for car and driver finally gave me access to CarPlay in the car without the complicated installation process.

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