Installing MacOS Monterey on unsupported Macs

Some advanced Mac users may be interested in running macOS Monterey on an unsupported Mac. As much as it sounds, this means you’ll install and run macOS on a Mac that’s older than what macOS Monterey officially supports, not on the list of compatible Macs.

Can I install macOS Monterey on an unsupported Mac?

Yes, in many cases you can install macOS Monterey on an otherwise unsupported Mac.

While it is possible to install and run macOS Monterey on many different unsupported Macs, it is not an easy process and is quite technical. The days of a simple macOS installer patch are over, and the task is now much more complex.

But if you’re an advanced user who likes to loop, command line command, and have an external USB drive ready to dedicate to making an installer, you can find a fun project in the evening or weekend while working on OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install macOS Monterey on an unsupported Mac.

Note that OpenCore does not support all Mac models, and some may have issues with certain features or components that make it impractical to run.

Prerequisites to run macOS Monterey on unsupported Mac

As always, you’ll want to make sure you have a full backup of your Mac with Time Machine ready to go before you proceed with anything like this.

You’ll also need a USB flash drive that’s 16GB larger, a full MacOS Monterey installer (you can download it here), OpenCore Legacy Patcher itself, and of course you’ll need a Mac that doesn’t officially support MacOS Monterey, but it does support OpenCore patcher . Some Macs won’t work as well or with certain issues, while others, like the 2012 MacBook Pro, work well.

How to Install MacOS Monterey on an Unsupported Mac

OpenCore Legacy Patcher has created a detailed guide, including a list of supported models and which features work that don’t work on older Macs. If you’re interested in trying this out and getting macOS Monterey on your older Mac, here’s a way you can go:

For optimal performance, you’ll only want to try this on a Mac with an SSD and at least 8GB of RAM.

Should I run macOS Monterey on an unsupported Mac?

Now, just for you can run macOS Monterey on unsupported Macs in many cases it does not necessarily mean that it should. The older the Mac, the less great the performance will be, while newer models of unsupported Macs can work quite well with Monterey (for example, the 2014 MacBook Pro line).

Also, many older Macs won’t include features that are new to Monterey, which may be the only reason you’d want Monterey to start, such as Live Text for example.

It’s also possible that some of the problems with macOS Monterey would be worse on an unsupported Mac, and you certainly won’t get official Apple support for any issues you encounter on unsupported hardware.

If you don’t like following text tutorials, Mr. The Macintosh has a 23-minute video guide for installing Monterey on an unsupported Mac, although this method uses an external SSD and is little different from the way OpenCore Legacy Patcher does its own text-based tutorial. Nonetheless, this video is embedded below because it can be helpful as a resource:

What do you think about running macOS Monterey on an unsupported Mac? Is this something you did or would you consider doing?

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