Instagram will tell teens to ‘take a break’ for their mental health

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Instagram will introduce measures to “push” teenagers away from potentially harmful content, Facebook’s vice president for global affairs said on Sunday, and urged younger users to “take a break” from the app for their own benefit.

After a bad week for Facebook and amid growing criticism, the social network has allowed itself to do more to protect some of its users. Facebook Vice President for Global Affairs and former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg explained some of the entry changes that could potentially help teenagers.

“We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a significant difference, and that’s where our systems see a teenager watching the same content over and over again, and that’s content that may not be good for their well-being, we’ll encourage them to look at other content,” he said. is Clegg CNN.

In addition to tracking the type of content being reviewed, Clegg suggested “We’re introducing something called a break,” where we’ll encourage teens to simply simply take a break from using Instagram, ”he adds.

Clegg did not specify a time frame when these features will appear, but Facebook reportedly sought to protect its users. This included demanding user birth dates and the potential use of algorithmic systems to detect whether users lied about their age in various ways.

Facebook had previously planned to launch a child-friendly version of Instagram, but plans for the program were halted as Facebook tried to reject criticism over the proposal.

The second part of Clegg’s speech dealt with document leaks and Senate testimony from whistleblower Frances Haugen, portraying Facebook as a company that can “harm children, encourage divisions and weaken our democracy.” According to Haugen, Facebook had ways to make changes to make the social network safer, but it didn’t “because it put its astronomical profit ahead of people”.

As to whether Facebook’s algorithms helped boost the people involved in the riots at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Clegg offered the algorithm “should take into account, if necessary, regulations so people can conform to what our systems say they should be working from what is really going on. ”

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