Instagram tests notifications within the app about service deficiencies

A week after the mass shutdown of all applications on the social network for more than six hours, Instagram says that it will warn users of “temporary problems” such as interruptions or other technical problems.

New alerts will appear in the user activity feed, along with other notifications within the app. Messages can be used to notify users of certain issues, such as loading Stories that don’t work, or a broader issue, such as two interruptions last week. Importantly, Instagram says it does not plan to alert users to every problem, but to those that could be a source of widespread confusion.

“We’re not going to send notifications every time there’s a breakup, but when we see people are confused and looking for answers, we’ll see if something like this can help make things clearer,” Instagram wrote in a blog post. The company added that it is testing this feature in the US “for the next few months”.


Separately, Instagram also unveiled a new section of its “account status” app, which aims to alert users to “what’s going on with your account” in general. Instagram says it starts with notifications of removed posts even when the account is “in danger of being disabled” due to policy violations.

According to Instagram, this feature aims to make it easier for users to understand why the post was removed and whether they are in danger of losing their account altogether. Although the app has in the past informed users when a post has been flagged or removed, the company has not always done a good job of letting people know which the policy they violated. The supervisory board has Facebook that needs a better job of explaining the rules to users, and account status could help them do just that.

Account status could also help the app address an Instagram-specific issue: Instagram concerns say it plans to update account status “in the coming months” to let people know “how their content is distributed and recommended on different parts of Instagram.” ”

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