Instagram sees an increase in downloads as usage grows in India

TikTok may be a trending app at the moment, but the use of Instagram continues to grow, especially in India, where TikTok is still banned and Instagram Reels has taken its place as a key video platform of choice.

This is according to the latest data from Sensor Tower, which published its report on monitoring the performance of applications in the fourth quarter of 2021, which shows that Instagram had the best download quarter since 2014, with the number of app installations increasing by 10% compared to Q3.

As you can see here, TikTok, which has led the download charts for the last two years in a row, was still in high demand, but Instagram experienced a big increase on Android, which was mostly led by Indian users.

Sensor Tower Report Q4 2021

According to this chart, 39% of Instagram downloads in the fourth quarter came from India, where Meta is pushing Instagram as the best alternative to TikTok, which at one stage had more than 200 million Indian users before being banned by Indians. Government over border dispute with China.

Instagram’s growth in India offers new opportunities in a key growing market for Meta. The company has worked for years to build its presence in the region and involve 1.4 billion people in the country, which is now the second largest smartphone market in the world, after China.

India’s digital transition is still at a relatively early stage, and if Meta can now enter, it will reap significant benefits from that presence, and Instagram now seems to be a key link for its various offerings, including business discovery, e-commerce, and more.

It also helps increase the total number of Instagram, as TikTok continues to compete with the application for the attention of young users – although it is also worth noting that TikTok has long been the most downloaded application on iOS.

Sensor Tower Report Q4 2021

From a digital marketing perspective, this means that, despite the overall growth of Instagram, TikTok is still probably the key app for young users in your region. But it is worth noting the continuous rise of Instagram, which could eventually see more development focus in the Indian market, and the creation of products and features harmonized with Indian use.

Throughout the year, TikTok has topped the global download in both app stores, with Facebook and Instagram ranking second and third.

It is clear that TikTok strongly holds the attention of users, but do not let that fool you to write off IG, which could still regain the overall first place for a young audience that is progressing.

You can download the Sensor Tower Q4 performance report here.

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