Instagram is testing disappearance warnings after an incident with its servers

Facebook recently had a strong work week with two downtimes that destroyed all of the company’s social networks. Following these two incidents, Instagram is now testing alerts to alert users to current outages on the company’s servers.

The new feature was announced by the company in a blog (via Engadget). Instagram claims that users are “confused and confused [start] looking for answers ”when these unexpected interruptions occur. According to the company, the team behind the social network now wants users to know when the app has technical issues.

Instagram says not every outage will lead to notifications, so these warnings are likely to save for more serious problems affecting large numbers of users.

We are testing a new feature that will notify you in your activity feed when a malfunction or technical problem occurs, and when it is resolved. We won’t send notifications every time an interruption occurs, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we’ll determine if something like this can help make things clearer.

On Monday, October 4, all Facebook services were down for more than six hours due to a major DNS problem. A few days later, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp were down again – but this time the problem was solved in less than two hours. As a result, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 6 billion last week.

Account status

In addition to the new disappearance alert, Instagram is also working on a new “Account Status” section for its app. There, users will receive detailed information on why their account has been suspended or the post has been removed. If the user considers that the decision was unfair, he will be able to request a review.

We’re making changes to make it even easier to know what’s happening with your account, in a new tool called ‘Account Status.’ Account status will be your place in one place to see what happens to your account and content distribution.

We’ll start by making it easier for people to know if their account is in danger of being disabled. We plan to add more information to this tool in the coming months, giving people a better insight into how their content is distributed and recommended on different parts of Instagram.

All new features announced today will be tested from next month with a limited number of users in the US.

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