Instagram is testing a new ‘status’ display to provide more context on what your links are doing

Would this be a valuable addition to your use of Instagram?

Instagram is currently in the process of introducing a new “profile status” option for multiple users, which allows you to set a status notification on your profile that will stay active for 24 hours (unless you change it).

As you can see in these screenshots, published by Testing Catalog, when you have access, the new status option will be displayed on the IG Direct messaging tab, below your username at the top of the screen, allowing you to choose from different status options for show your connections. Your selected status is then displayed on both the Direct tab and your profile, as shown in the last screenshot here.

Instagram has actually been testing this feature for some time, with the capacity to set the status that transitioned from Instagram’s separate Threads app, which it shut down late last year.

Threads is designed to enhance the messaging experience with your closest connections, as part of Instagram’s greater effort to capitalize on the in-app’s popularity of messaging, with the element being the ability to set status to let your connections know what you need. to at any time.

Nor did they actually push it further with automatic status, which, when enabled, would share automatic status updates, based on your location, battery life, movement, and so on.

Automatic thread status

Instagram experimented with integrate your Status Threads into the main application 2020, which looked exactly the same as this new test.

Instagram status test

Instagram additionally tested the same last year, just before closing Threads, so it seems inevitable that eventually all users will be able to update their status with these 24-hour settings, providing a better insight into your connections about what you’re doing at any given time.

Which could add a little more to your IG Direct experience. Maybe. It would be interesting, I guess, to know when your friends are working, which could delay their response to your message, similar to the status ‘Busy’, while knowing that your friends are celebrating, maybe it would help you connect and find out what’s going on in at any time.

There’s some practical benefit here, and as noted, it will be interesting to see if Instagram eventually tries to integrate the automatic status option from Threads into the main app.

Right now, a new status option is appearing for some users, as part of a wider introduction / testing of Instagram. We have asked Instagram for more information about its plans and whether this feature will be available to all users, and we will update this post if and when we receive a response.

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