Instagram is testing a new option that would allow users to rearrange the display of posts on their profile

It’s Instagram testing a new option this would allow users to rearrange their profile photo grid, formatting their pre-uploaded images in any order of their choice.

As you can see in this example, published by the application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new ‘Edit Grid’ option would appear in your profile settings, allowing you to rearrange the profile gallery of your choice, regardless of when each was published.

Test the network on Instagram

Which might be an interesting consideration, providing another way to put a special focus on the IG posts you want to show visitors.

Similarly, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri recently pointed to a possible ‘pinned post’ option for profiles, which would allow users to select specific posts they want to display at the top of their network.

The capacity to completely rearrange the order of your posts this goes even further, and it will be interesting to see if Instagram really decides to continue with this, given the fundamental change in the long process of ordering and displaying on the platform.

Instagram seems increasingly willing to experiment with its main feed and profile options, which is in some ways in line with user requirements, while it may also apply to people who use their main feed less than ever, with video posts – specifically Reels – which now drive most of the Growth engagement on Instagram.

Mosseri also noted that the video will be increasingly in the focus of Instagram, along with messaging, and as such, it seems that, in the end, the main feed, as we know it, will be denounced to better connect users with the app. video video formats instead.

My prediction is that Instagram will instead switch to a full story feed / reels feed, moving away from traditional static post content altogether, and with that in mind, this would reduce Instagram’s reluctance to mess with the traditional post format – because if it’s going to move away from that soon anyway, why not try new things first?

Rearranging your profile view is another element in this, and with the growing push for video, Instagram seems more ready to try out different ideas, as it is gradually moving to completely new focus views anyway.

There is no word on whether this will ever be introduced, along with posting posts, but again, it seems likely that Instagram will try things out in the coming months. This could make it easier to present your best posts – and as a social media expert Matt Navarra notes, if you make these multiple posts, linking images, becoming larger, linked visuals on your profile, this could be a great addition to your process.

We will keep you informed of any progress.

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