Instagram could add moderators to lives and likes on stories

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Reportedly, Instagram wants to lend a helping hand to creators when making live video streams on the platform and give them an extra boost by adding another way users can get involved in the stories.

Leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi reports that the app is working to enable its creators add moderators when recording live video. According to Paluzzi, the creators will be able to choose one moderator from their list “who’s watching” to help them manage comments, which can quickly turn into a continuous stream of text that makes it impossible for all viewers to respond. (I say this as a sad spectator playing the smallest violin in the world who never gets answers to his comments and questions and I doubt that will change).

Besides, 9to5Mac notes that the selected moderator will be able to exclude comments, live broadcast requests, and viewer questions, among other options. Currently only the host user live stream can moderate it.

Except messing with lives, the company has also been knee-deep in its work on stories. Paluzzi stated in August that the platform has worked to allow users to “like” stories, which can currently only get reactions via instant messaging. Paluzzi has so far revealed that Instagram is working to enable users “Like” the story several times (which is really weird when it comes to metrics), with likes appearing in the same place as story viewers.

Gizmodo contacted Instagram for comment on a report on the new features that are reportedly under construction, but did not receive a response by the time of posting. We will make sure to update this blog if we respond.

All in all, the new features in the company’s oven seem to be another attempt to keep creators happy by spending more time on Instagram (and less on other platforms with live video feeds, such as the terrifying rival TikTok ). Since it is a company essentially a waste of money with creators to make them please, make rings, it makes sense.

What will this mean for a regular non-creator Instagram user? Probably nothing. He might get a greeting or something from his favorite influencer now that he has a moderator (though given the number of comments on lives, that’s still unlikely). Even likes on stories don’t mean much if you’re not paid for them.

However, I am not against these characteristics, which are not ready until they are actually launched. I know that many creators work very hard on their content. If this makes their lives easier (and I mean that in both senses of the word), all is well.

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