Initial orders for the iPhone 13 are starting to arrive as users line up at Apple Stores

Early users of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro who ordered the phone last week are now downloading the devices, and Australia and New Zealand were among the first to gain access to Apple’s latest smartphone.

As has become a tradition, customers west of the international date line are posting photos of their new iPhone hardware on social media. New iPhone 13 owners in Australia, Japan, New Zealand and other countries have posted unpacked bombs and famous footage of the new phones on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

A long line of customers, visible in the picture above, is waiting to enter at Apple Omotesando in Japan, although other stores in the country, such as the Marunouchi location, are deserted. Similarly, Apple Southland in Victoria, Australia, did not reveal any traces of waiters.

As with last year’s iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 presents itself in the midst of a pandemic, meaning users who are typically drawn to the launch of daily festivities could shy away from such gatherings. Apple is introducing safeguards like checks, mask requirements and social distance at its retail outlets.

Introduced last week, the iPhone 13 boasts a host of improvements, including improved camera hardware, a new A15 Bionic system on a chip, new photo and video capabilities, and larger batteries. The premium iPhone 13 Pro models are equipped with ProMotion screens with variable refresh rate and an additional GPU core to power exclusive features such as macro photography and ProRes support.

High demand has delayed scheduled delivery dates for October, and versions of the iPhone 13 Pro should now arrive in late October. Customers still have a chance to score points at the local Apple Store, although stocks will be limited.

For those who haven’t already ordered, be sure to check it out AppleInsider’s detailed comparisons:

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