Increase your Mac’s cheap storage during Samsung external SSD sales

The Samsung T7 SSD is fast and very portable. In addition, for a short time, it is 24% lower than the usual price. You can add 2TB of storage to your Mac or iPad for $ 80.

The drive offers USB 3.2 Gen 2 and works with a wide range of devices, including those with USB-A ports.

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The Samsung T7 is one of the best SSDs available

I reviewed the Samsung T7 for Cult Maca and he was very pleased. It’s about the size of a credit card, but thicker, which means it fits very easily in my bag.

But I can’t decide if that’s my favorite feature. Because I also really like that the T7 is compatible with so many different devices. The SSD includes a USB-C port so of course it works with my iPad Pro, but I can also use it with almost any device with a USB-A port. It even comes bundled with the necessary adapter.

When I wrote the review, I successfully tested Samsung’s external drive with various computers. That includes my iPhone with the right adapter. Or I can plug it into my TV and play the video.

All this makes the T7 an ideal place to store a collection of music, videos, pictures, e-books, etc. which you would like to access on the go and / or with a number of computers.

And think about this: if you have an older Mac with too small an HD, you can get this SSD and increase your storage capacity. And when you get a replacement Mac, you’ll still be able to use storage accessories.

Plenty of storage space for sale

The 2TB version of the Samsung T7 typically costs $ 329.99, but Amazon has lowered the price by 24%, lowering it to $ 249.99. That’s $ 80 below normal.

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And the 1TB version regularly costs $ 169.99, but is now available for $ 129.99 – a $ 40 discount – thanks to sales on Amazon.

Buys from: Amazon

The 500GB version of the Samsung T7 has not been left out. It’s usually $ 99.99, but is now $ 84.99 on Amazon.

Buys from: Amazon

Regardless of the storage capacity, the external SSD comes in gray, blue or red.

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