InCharge X is a keychain cable for all Apple devices and has a 24% discount

Gather all your cables in one with InCharge X.
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Having a different cable for each device and each function is boring and unnecessary. The InCharge X charging cable is a 6-in-1 keychain cable compatible with iOS and Android. And you can get it in blue, beige or black for just $ 21.99 (usually $ 29).

One pendant cable for all your devices

The InCharge X comes with everything you need in a cable for almost any major device. With it, you can quickly charge your devices to 100 W and transfer data between devices at a speed of 480 Mbps. It’s fast enough that you won’t see a lot of delay time, if at all, even with large file transfers.

InCharge X is unique among cables because it combines the function of six cables into one durable package. InCharge comes with USB and USB-C ports, along with Lightning and MicroUSB connections. Mix and align as needed by simply folding the connector head at each end of the cable.

This gives you the flexibility to interconnect devices, charge almost any major mobile device and more. You can even charge one device using another.

This cable is 2.8 inches long, perfect for data transfer and charging. And the sturdy design makes this compact cable hard to break. You won’t see it fall apart within a year like many other cables do.

This one is made of metal, wrapped in nylon and aramid fibers, and can withstand shocks. This makes it perfect as a travel cable, an emergency connector to charge your cell phone while you’re hiking, or just the way you want it because it won’t let you down.

Save on InCharge X charging cable

InCharge X charging cable in blue, beige or black is available for $ 21.99 (regular $ 29) while on sale with a 24% discount! And while you find simple solutions that only make life better, take a look at this personal fireplace that will take you through the winter and make you feel like you are camping while on the couch.

Prices are subject to change.

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