Impossible Foods Meatless meatballs are really, really good

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Since it is inevitable to see members of an Italian family on Thanksgiving just around the corner, it hurts me to type a sentence that will finally ban me from attending future family gatherings for life: New meatless meatballs from Impossible The food is delicious.

As a red meat abstainer for more than a decade (by choice) and a lifelong Italian (accidentally), I feel qualified to speak of a product that is insinuated as a meat dish often closely associated with Italian cuisine, despite the order. I signed the day they gave me an Italian card that prevents me from talking about such things in public.

An uncooked, still frozen ball in action.

An uncooked, still frozen ball in action.
Photography: Brianna Provenzano / Gizmodo

Unlike Beyond Meat-based meatballs, which are sold in pre-arranged small trays of 12, Impossible meatballs come in a large freezer bag that can easily hold about 14 meatballs (priced at $ 8). per pack, the price for both is pretty much the same — better value for your dollar is neatly noted). The meatballs come pre-formed and fully cooked, which means that all you really need to do is heat them thoroughly before including them in a meatball-based recipe of your choice. According to the instructions on the package, you can throw them in the oven or deep fryer or cook them on the hob in your favorite sauce — which seemed to me to be the “most authentic” method, so I used it.

The meatballs themselves consist of a custom blend of Impossible Burger and Impossible Sausage, with a bit of “salty homemade meatball seasoning” mixed in for a good measure. For the uninitiated, this means that these meatballs are mostly obtained from plants like soy and potatoes, and are flavored with heme – a laboratory-made version of the same iron-rich compound that gives meat its meaty taste. Each serving of three meatballs contains about 12 grams of protein, which is a surprisingly decent amount – three eggs, for reference, are about 18 grams. Although I haven’t eaten Impossible Sausage, the Impossible Burger — which looks, tastes, and bleeds just like real beef — is a damn good approximation, instilling confidence in the finished product here. Now that I think about it, there’s actually something sweet and incredibly appropriate about grinding Impossible Meatballs from all the leftovers of Impossible pork and sausage products.

On the stove and in the sauce, it would be difficult for you to notice the difference between Impossible Meatballs and the original item. Covered, they warmed up in about 12 minutes (it is recommended to heat 17 of them in the package, but I like to live dangerously), and they even baked on the bottom like real meatballs. I cooked some fusilli on the side for a good measure while I waited, because it just seemed to me, you know?

The picture for the article entitled My Italian family will interrupt me because I love impossible meatballs without meat so much

Photography: Brianna Provenzano / Gizmodo

When you eat enough herbal meatballs, you realize that you’ll mostly know a broken heart – I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s Meatballs – so it was a real shock to the system when Impossible Meatballs ended up being delicious. It’s not impossible meatballs the main competitors are disgusting, in themselves — it’s more true that they’ve all failed in at least one critical area, whether it’s taste, texture, or firmness (sorry to have to say that Trader Joe’s meatballs have failed in all three categories ).

As for herbal meatballs, Impossible Meatballs are very kind to garlic, which is always appreciated, and the spice mix really puts in the work to make them tasty without being overdone. Textually, the meatballs take on a sponge-like quality that really goes the line between being completely unattractive and very true to how the meatballs actually feel.

As with any meat imitation product, it is best to enclose a disclaimer: these meatballs are best enjoyed if you try not to compare them to what they imitate, but do your best to enjoy them as a standalone, herbal – product-based. With that in mind, these are really convenient. They have enough flavor as meatballs to be completely satisfying, while still occupying a space that is almost completely different; if you are someone who is meatless or plant-based, but still craves the comfort of a well-made meatball, there is finally a product on the market that can scratch that itch. Strega Nshe shakes in her boots, and Carmela Soprano hits the air – I can’t believe it happened right in front of their noses, but it did.

Impossible Meatballs are sold today for $ 8 per pack in Walmart stores across the United States

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