iMessage reactions now appear as emojis on Android

But only within the Google Messages app.
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iMessage reactions now appear as emoticons within the latest version of the Google Messages app on Android.

Prior to this release, Android users saw fairly long template messages when they received an iMessage response from a contact using an iPhone. This change offers a cleaner, much simpler experience.

Google Messages adds iMessage reactions

If an iPhone user gave a text message with a “thumbs up” reaction, for example, Android users would see something like “Like …” followed by the original message. “I don’t like”, “Emphasized” and “Smiling” where are some of the other template messages that have replaced reactions on Android devices.

While some iPhone users may know that iMessage reactions don’t occur as predicted on Android devices and are likely to avoid them, they are especially annoying in group conversations among multiple iPhone and Android users. But Google Messages has taken steps to make them a lot better.

The latest version of Google Messages now displays iMessage reactions and emoticons that appear below the responded message – similar to iOS. Touching the emoticon confirms that it is “translated from iPhone”, just in case Android users are not sure why they appear.

It seems that not all reactions can be perfectly translated into Android. The Verge reports that responding to a heart message on an iPhone causes a heart-eye face to appear in Google messages. But it is certainly a big step forward.

It’s running now

The latest update to Google Messages is now launched via the Play Store, it states 9to5Google, but keep in mind that it may take a while to reach all Android users.

It’s also worth noting that this change is only available within Google’s own Messages app. You won’t see it if you’re using another third-party messaging client like Samsung.

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