iFixit’s teardown explains the ‘Jelly Scrolling’ problem on the iPad mini 6

iFixit has released a detailed download of the iPad mini 6 and explained the “jelly shift” problem affecting the device. To access the interior, you need to open the front screen.

iFixit says that the problem with “moving jelly” on the 8.3-inch screen of the iPad mini 6 is very pronounced compared to other panels of similar size, especially when used in portrait mode. This can be attributed to the way the screen controller is mounted on the iPad mini 6.

On the iPad Air (2020) the screen controller is mounted horizontally, while on the iPad mini 6 it is mounted vertically. All LCD panels have a problem with “jelly shifting”, but the problem is usually more pronounced in one particular orientation. This is because the orientation of the controller decides how the screen will refresh, and there is always a delay in the top and bottom halves of the board being refreshed.

iFixit speculates that Apple could use a cheaper screen on the iPad mini 6, making this issue even more pronounced.

Apple acknowledged the problem of “moving jelly” on the iPad mini 6, but said it was normal behavior for LCD screens. While this is true, it remains to be seen whether the company will release a software update to try to reduce the “want to scroll” effect or not.

In terms of crashing, the iPad mini 6 is internally similar to the iPad Air (2020). The battery replacement process is not as simple as it should be, as the device scored 3 in the iFixit repairability rating.

When you notice a problem with moving the jelly on the iPad mini 6, it can’t be seen. So, if you haven’t encountered this problem on your iPad mini yet, it’s best not to be aware of it. If you don’t like your iPad mini 6 because of this problem, consider returning it to Apple and getting a refund.

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