iFixit’s complete 16-inch MacBook Pro video break highlights interior design changes

iFixit released a teaser of its MacBook Pro disassembly earlier this week, and now the site is back with a full video that gives us a clear view of the components within the new MacBook Pro models.

As iFixit mentioned in its first article, it’s easier to get into a MacBook Pro than before because Apple no longer sticks batteries in place. Instead, there are sticky pull-out tabs that make battery replacement easier. Repairs, however, are not easy, as there is a speaker system to be solved near the battery, and the sticky tabs for the two main battery cells can only be accessed by removing the trackpad.

The fans are bigger than the fans that were in the previous generation machine, and there is more space for the speaker system due to the thicker chassis. The 16-inch MacBook Pro has a 99.6 Wh battery, which is slightly smaller than the battery in the previous generation model. With the efficiency improvements introduced with the M1 Pro and Max chips, battery life has been significantly improved.

There’s an updated display cable design that gives them more looseness when the screen opens and closes, which should prevent the “Flexgate” problems that plagued older MacBook Pro models.

Three USB-C ports, a MagSafe port and a headphone jack are modular for easy repairs, but the HDMI port and SD card slot are soldered in place on the logic board. Memory and storage are integrated and are not replaceable by the user.

Overall, iFixit gave the MacBook Pro a 4/10 repair rating due to the use of five-head screws, difficulty removing the top cover, and problems repairing features like fingerprint sensors and screens, which lose functionality by replacing components. .

iFixit also plans to completely break the 14-inch MacBook Pro, which it says is very similar to a 16-inch computer. This removal will be updated later.

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