iFixit literally breaks Apple’s polishing cloth and reveals why it costs so much

Since the day it was launched after the Unleashed event, Apple’s $ 19 polishing cloth has cemented its place as meme gold on Twitter. Obeying the demands of the masses, iFixit finally carried out a literal demolition of the polishing cloth. It revealed some interesting details.

After tearing down the new MacBook Pro, it took iFixit some time to scientifically test the polishing cloth. Below is what iFixit has to say about Apple’s polishing cloth

“The feel of the material is identical to the inner lining of the iPad Smart Cover, which has a thin layer of microfiber on the inside. Both have a clear impression of synthetic leather with a hint of turbidity, similar to Alcantara. ”

iFixit found that the polishing cloth was actually two pieces of cloth glued together. It was jokingly noted, “If you feel a little disappointed with a $ 19 purchase, separate both layers and have two rags at once, each costing only $ 9.50.”

The demolition continued with the tongue in his cheek:

“Under the microscope, it brings to life the top quality of Apple’s polishing cloth. On the left you will see a plain old cleaning cloth. Boring. Right? Tiny fibers intricately intertwined together, uniting to become not only a cleaning tool, but an object of beauty worth cleaning itself. In the midst of beauty, a thin line delicately follows the shape of the fundamental fruit of humanity: apples. ”

In short, iFixit awarded a zero 10 polishing cloth on the repairability scale because it distracted iFixit from the more important MacBook Pro review and because it wouldn’t come back together after being cut into pieces with scissors!

Aside from the joke, we’re really surprised that Apple’s polishing cloth is in high demand. If you order it today, chances are high that it will be delivered to you after an incredible 10 to 12 weeks.

[Via iFixit]

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