iFixit explains the iPad Mini ‘Jelly Scroll’ problem in the Teardown video

iFixit dismantled one of Apple’s new iPad mini models today, and in the process of tearing down the repair website, it gave a detailed overview of why the new tablets show a problem called “jelly shifting”.

Some new owners of the iPad mini 6 have noticed that the text or images on one side of the screen appear to be tilted down when scrolling through the content, which affects all LCD screens, but is especially noticeable on the “iPad mini”.

According to iFixit, moving the jelly isn’t usually as prominent as on Apple’s new 8.3-inch tablet, and it’s caused by the way the screen refreshes. The screen refreshes from one side to the other, in the form of waves, not all at once. On the ‌iPad mini‌, iFixit speculates that the direction of the screen scan is related to the setting of the control panel that drives the ‌iPad mini‌ screen, and that there is therefore a jelly shift in portrait mode.

The “iPad mini” has a control panel located in a vertical position on the left. The iPad Air, which does not show the same problem in portrait orientation, has a control panel located on top of the tablet.

When you scroll parallel to the direction in which the screen refreshes, the screen still does not refresh at once, but the refresh effect is less noticeable because it does not split the text.

As a result, you probably don’t notice it on other screens. The jelly-shaped scroll is usually masked because the screen refreshes (or scans) in parallel with any mode of movement. Thus, the computer monitor will refresh vertically in its landscape orientation, and the smartphone will refresh vertically in vertical orientation.

This iPad mini screen happens to refresh horizontally when you hold it in a vertical position, which you normally hold the iPad to scroll.

iFixit says it’s also possible that Apple is using a cheaper display panel for the “iPad mini 6,” which could have made the refresh scan more pronounced than expected.

Apple said that the problem with moving the jelly is normal behavior for the LCD screen, which probably means that the company does not plan to offer replacements for users who see this problem. For this reason, those who are dissatisfied with the “iPad mini” screen should make sure to return the tablet within 14 days of return.

There were no other big surprises with the ‌iPad mini 6‌, but a full inside look is available in the iFixit video. Overall, iFixit rated the repair of the ‌iPad mini‌ three due to excess adhesive and other repair limitations.

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