If Apple made a professional camera, here’s what it might look like

The proposed Apple ProCam returns to a product launched in the 1990s.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa / ADR Studio

The concept designer explored the possibility of Apple’s standalone camera for professionals. Apple ProCam is full of features, such as 8K support and a built-in image printer.

All of this raises the question of whether this is a product that makes sense for Apple to make?

Apple ProCam is interesting

Sometimes concept devices are based on leaks coming from Apple or its suppliers. This is not the case for ProCam. It is a thought experiment by Antonio De Rosa from the ADR studio.

Apparently he wants to answer the question, if Apple made a camera for professional photographers, what features could be included?

The device de Rosa envisioned includes features not available on the iPhone camera, such as a built-in StyleWriter Compact printer without ink and support for adding professional camera lenses.

The Apple ProCam concept includes a built-in printer.
The Apple ProCam concept includes an integrated image printer.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa / ADR Studio

But De Rosa also included well-known features in Apple ProCam, such as Siri and M1 processors. Plus, there’s a scroll wheel that’s a mix of old and new. It looks like the digital crown of the Apple Watch, but includes a miniature touch screen so it can be easily changed.

There is also a crown which is also a small touch screen.
It is clear that a lot of thought has been invested in this concept.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa / ADR Studio

Not quite out of the blue

While the Apple ProCam may seem like a weird idea for a research product, there’s some history behind it. Apple QuickTake was one of the first consumer digital cameras. However, that product was totally bombed back in 1994.

Today, Apple produces a camera that is used by many professional photographers. It’s called the iPhone. (You may have heard of it.)

The photographic success of the iPhone is probably the main reason why Apple will not make an 8K standalone camera for professionals. Even if it is an interesting concept.

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