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By Mike Goodman

I am confident in my ability to sell delicious snacks. Before the pandemic, I was an unfortunate cook and worked in a restaurant chain in a big city. When things closed, I was genuinely relieved to take a break from the sweaty kitchen and monotony. And, after taking some time to think about the world and what was happening, I began to regain my energy and decided to return to my passion.

As it turns out, exploring your passion comes with some chaos. But as they say, there is an app for that – and the one that made a big difference to me, believe it or not, is the $ 40 scan app for iPhone and iPad.

Success management without application

When I first became a line cook, I was very passionate about food. I went to culinary school when I was younger, and I hoped to open my place one day. Unemployed and bored, I decided to finally start a mobile cart for sandwiches and coffee.

I found an offer for a top-notch bicycle coffee rack with a refrigerator included that I could use to store food. I looked for all the necessary COVID-19 protocols to follow. And I made a plan of how much I should earn to pay my bills for financing at the coffee stand, cover the costs of materials and food, and make a profit. When I finally got out, the business started faster than I expected and things quickly got complicated.

As the sales started to arrive and the money started to flow, I was overwhelmed. I soon became overwhelmed with everything I needed to follow. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that a friend pointed out to me that I had to save taxes on my own as a stand-alone business. I would write down my daily earnings on a piece of paper and then lose it until the next morning. All the records of my business were scattered, difficult to read and disorganized. That became a real problem when the city authorities followed me to get the appropriate permit for my street sale.

There was a lot to understand, and it was difficult for me with the administrative side of things. The same friend who gave me the tax tip was also kind enough to let me know about the tool she used with great success. The iOS version of iScanner saved my small business.

How iScanner helped me get organized

iScanner does what it sounds like: it scans all types of documents, including receipts, notes, ID cards, recipe book pages, store coffee bags, and more. More than that, it helps me stay organized. Before I realized it, this simple app became the hub for all my business content.

iScanner uses artificial intelligence to scan high resolutions. Before I paid for it, I tried out a few free scanning apps from the App Store. The price was correct, but the image quality was simply not comparable to those taken by iScanner. Crystal clear images make all the difference when I return to decipher my handwritten records of sales, purchases, shopping lists and so on.

When I was able to put everything in one place with iScanner, it was easier for me to focus on everyday tasks and creative efforts in the hospitality industry. With sales records, invoice tracking and cost tracking under control, I felt comfortable researching the app further, and that changed my business even more.

I learned how to scan multi-page PDFs, like the license I got from the city, and even solve math equations, which helped me understand the prices and discounts on some large orders. The QR code feature of iScanner has come a long way in making buying and selling easier.

iScanner is popular on sale

After sharing my love for iScanner with friends, I learned that many of them use it as well. I have a friend an accountant who uses it to fax documents, share tax return notes with clients and more. It also earned a bunch of rave reviews and was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store.

It seems wild to be so grateful to the scanner, especially considering how laser-focused I am on sandwiches and coffee to begin with. I still like to make the most delicious drinks and food possible. But honestly, it’s easier to do it without the stress of having my own administrative projects everywhere.

Right now, iScanner is on sale. You can get a lifetime subscription for just $ 39.99. (That’s a 79% discount from the regular price of $ 199.)

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