HW camera # 10: Infinix Zero X series

After we have carefully considered all the technical aspects Infinix Zero X Pro rear camera system, his lens CAMERA HW overall rating is 155.

With such a high score, we expect the Infinix Zero X camera to have better overall shooting performance than its likely competitors (listed in the table below), while maintaining a high “value for money”, making it the perfect champion in the 399 Market segment. USD.

The Infinix Zero X (unprofessionally) got a CAMERA HW overall rating 138. We don’t currently have an official MSRP from Infinix for this phone, but it’s more affordable than the Pro SKU, perhaps ranging from $ 199 to $ 249.

We estimate that the Zero X Pro will cost around $ 320 to $ 350, and as it stands now, the Zero X Pro has the best camera hardware under $ 400.

The Zero X and Zero X Pro share the same zoom modules and ultra-wide cameras, but have a different primary camera design.

The Infinix Zero X series The rear camera systems have been carefully crafted with regard to the most common uses, with an excellent primary camera module supported by a powerful zoom and an ultra-wide camera.

The Primary camera sensor 52.92 mm² the Zero X Pro model is larger than most competitors and is in the upper range of what we found in this group camera (52.92 mm² versus 40.96 mm² versus 30.72 mm²).


Although there are several other cameras with sensors of similar size, the Zero X Pro is the only 52.92 mm² sensor that supports Optical image stabilization (OIS).

The technical quality of the primary camera Zero X Pro helps tremendously and is comparable to the Redmi Note 10 Pro (Global SKU). The Infinix Zero X series ultra-wide cameras are competitive, but slightly below average in their segment.

The inclusion of a very decent zoom lens provides a definite advantage on Infinix phones, given that competitors have chosen to completely shy away from zoom support, sometimes preferring more exotic solutions like a macro camera.

Although the data show that the use of macros is on the rise, zooming is objectively a much more common use case and is therefore more important.

We said earlier that the Infinix Zero X Ultrawide camera is technically modest, which means we expect it to work relatively well in daylight.

Still, a more powerful ultra-wide camera, like the Samsung Galaxy A52, would probably do better at night. Still, the Galaxy A52 is an exception in this line, and the Infinix Zero X is in line with other competitors.


The Infinix Zero X series has superior camera features. Compared to these likely competitors, the Infinix Zero X Pro records the highest CAMERA HW rating and the best value at the same time, which is a rarely accomplished feat.

With a starting price of $ 199.99, the Infinix Zero X “Value” rating 69 it will likely compete with mobile camera competitors at a price slightly lower than the Zero X Pro. If that’s the case, it will allow Infinix to take a high position in the $ 200 to $ 250 smartphone market, as far as cameras are concerned.

You will notice that it is I live V21 the camera has a below result from I live V20. It may seem strange, but it seems that the Vivo V21 uses a different camera module with slightly lower performance optics compared to the Vivo V20. We doubt that is the reason why they added OIS try to maintain quality.

The changes are not evident in the public specification VIVO V21 (smart marketing …), but the focal lengths reveal it. It would be interesting to see how this translates in terms of image quality, but our model shows that the V21 appears to be a slight regression of the camera, perhaps due to the budget.

About Ubergism’s CAMERA HW scale

We rank these mobile camera systems according to a hardware benchmark for a mobile camera called CAMERA HW. It ranks the hardware power of an unprecedented number of mobile camera systems (189 today) with a proprietary algorithm that analyzes camera hardware.

For more details on this scale, check the CAMERA HW FAQ. A complete list of cameras is at the bottom of the page. The algorithm was adjusted and adjusted by real-world image analysis from our CAMERA IQ image-based scale (IQ = Image Quality).

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