Hulu’s Theranos mini-series ‘The Dropout’ premieres on March 3rd

As with many wild and dramatic stories, the story of Theranos and its former CEO Elizabeth Holmes has received multiple adaptations. Led by Jennifer Lawrence Bad blood, which Apple has just bought, is likely to attract the most attention. (Expect to get a lot of love for the Oscars, like Adam McKay’s recent films, Vice i The Big Short.) But don’t count Hulu’s mini series, The Dropout. First announced in 2019 with Kate McKinnon as the infamous serial network, Elizabeth Holmes, the series will now star Amanda Seyfried when it premieres on March 3, 2022.


Judging by the first round of paintings, Seyfried certainly records Holmes’ magnetism with wide eyes. It is also surprising to see the great Naveen Andrews (Lost, Sense8) as Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, Theran ‘s ex – COO and Holmes’ ex – boyfriend. According to Hulu, the series will follow “an incredible story of ambition and fame that went horribly wrong. How did the youngest billionaire in the world who created all this for herself lose it in the blink of an eye?”

Theranos has managed to raise over $ 700 million from investors thanks to its seemingly amazing Edison device. It was a blood testing device that was supposed to test a wide range of diseases. But of course, it was all a lie. Reporting from Wall Street Journal and others found that the company’s technology never really worked. In the end, the SEC accused Theranos, Holmes and Balwani of “mass fraud”.

Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary, Inventory, did a good job of covering the drama around Theranos and Holmes’ unusual mysticism. But there is also plenty of ground to cover in the dramatic adaptation.

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