Hulu & Justin Roiland’s Solar Opposites has a holiday offer

Two animated aliens from Solar Opposites, Terry (in a Christmas sweater) and Korvo, talk about the upcoming holiday in the lobby of their house.

Aliens from Solar Opposites were busy. Not only are there (at least) two more seasons of Hulu wonderfully rough animated series—Created by Rick and Mortyis Justin Roiland and Star Trek: Lower DecksMike McMahan — by the way, a surprising Christmas episode comes out in less than two weeks.

In a very good move for a show that both embraces and challenges pop culture, sometimes in the same breath, “A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special” was announced earlier today with the help of a lovingly created but extremely hot music video. Darren Criss, last seen digging graves with Gonza Muppets Haunted Mansion, borrows his corresponding angel pipes here. And in case the title isn’t quite clear, the song titled “WTF Is Christmas?” is largely NSFW. So plug your kids ’ears or anything else while you watch.

The rhyme of “deforestation” and “Earth’s temperature inflation” would be inspired, if it weren’t so depressing! Korvo’s (Roiland’s voice, of course) However, taking over baby Jesus is definitely inspired … and I want to drink a leg egg with a nut and hear more about the demonic, “evil beast of the north” that carries human skin, preferably with creepy visual aids created using animated cookies and candies.

Here is a description of the episode for “A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special,” which tells you everything and nothing: “HO HO HO! Solarians don’t understand the holidays, but that won’t stop them from trying! ” You can only assume that the curious but unconscious, sweet but absolutely horrible spirit of “WTF Is Christmas” will be fully represented in all the holiday gimmicks. (What will Pupa make of Santa Claus? Or what will he do do for Santa Claus?) “Special Opposite Places for Very Solar Holidays” arrives on Monday, November 22 at Hulu.

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