How to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for free

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing Peanuts a special holiday Thanksgiving Charlie Brown. It is available to Apple TV + subscribers at any time, but there will also be free TV broadcast so everyone can watch Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty and Marcie act Courtship of Miles Standish.

Here’s when and where you can follow the free transfer.

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How to watch Peanuts Special offer for Thanksgiving free

Apple TV + owns the rights to everything Peanuts holiday offers. But he made an agreement with PBS to broadcast articles for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021.

They will play PBS and PBS KIDS Thanksgiving Charlie Brown on Sunday, November 21, 2021 from 19:30 to 20:00 ET / PT. Check your local ads for accurate availability. This will be even better than when the special was on CBS and later on ABC because it will be broadcast without commercial interruptions.

It will come later in the year Charlie Brown’s Christmas December 19, 2021. It will also be on PBS and on PBS Kids.

Or watch Apple TV +

In 2020, Apple allowed those who were not subscribers to Apple TV + to watch Peanuts Special offer for Thanksgiving free. This will not happen again in 2021. This means that a subscription of $ 4.99 is required to stream the show.

Those who are subscribers can watch Charlie Brown serve toast and popcorn to his friends at any time, as it is now available.

The same goes for Peanuts Halloween and Christmas specials. Any of them can be streamed or downloaded for later viewing.

Buy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown on DVD

Those who want access at any time Peanuts Special offer for Thanksgiving and you do not want to subscribe to Apple TV + you can buy a DVD. It is available for less than $ 12.

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More Peanuts specialties are on the way

Apple is not content with streaming classic holiday specials starring Charlie Brown and friends. He is working with WildBrain’s animation studio to create new adventures for the band. It started with some educational programs, but it was the right move Snoopy Show with the irresistible Beagle in the lead role – a series that has 100% critical approval Rotten Tomatoes.

And in December 2021, the first new one is coming Peanuts a holiday especially out of collaboration. He will be invited For Auld Lang Syne and, not surprisingly, will welcome the New Year.

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