How to Use iPhone 13 Photo Styles |

Among the iPhone 13’s many enhancements are new photo styles. This feature allows you to save a preset setting for the default Camera app, and you can also quickly change the currently available five available options. Let’s take a look at how iPhone 13 photo styles are used.

Photo styles are exclusive to the iPhone 13 line. However, there is always a chance that Apple could extend this feature to the iPhone 12 or other models with a software upgrade in the future.

Significantly, once you take a photo-style image, it cannot be changed. Below we will look at how to set the style, as well as how to change it on the go during shooting.

How to Use iPhone 13 Photo Styles |

Select Photo Styles in Settings

  • When you first open the default Camera app on iPhone 13, you’ll see an introductory screen asking you to select a photo style
    • If you did not initially select one, you can refer to Application Settings > Camera > drag down to Photographic styles
  • The first option is “Standard style”, swipe to see how each of the styles can be compared
    • There are a total of 5 styles, and four others outside the standard are “Rich Contrast”, “Vibrant”, “Warm” and “Cool”
  • Touch Use at the bottom to select a photo style

Note that photo styles only work in the default Camera app on iPhone 13 devices when you use Photo mode.

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Here’s how Apple describes each of them:

  • Standard: The default look produced by the iPhone camera is balanced and faithful
  • Rich contrast: Darker shades, richer colors and stronger contrast create a dramatic look
  • Vibrant: Extremely bright and vibrant colors create a brilliant yet natural look
  • Warm: Golden tones create a warm look
  • Cool: Blue undertones create a cool look

Select iPhone 13 Photo Styles in the Camera app

You can also change photo styles directly in the Camera app:

  • Look for the triple square icon in the upper right corner (you can also tap the carrot in the upper center of the Camera app> then tap the triple square icon just above the trigger)
  • Touch it to drag between photo styles on the go
  • You can additionally use the filters available in the Photos application to edit images after shooting with a specific photo style
How to use iPhone 13 photo styles - tap the three-square icon in the Camera app

What do you think about photographic styles? Are you excited to make them a regular part of your work process? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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