How to use iOS 15 2FA code generator and autocomplete

One of the handy extras under the radar with iOS 15 is the integrated 2FA code generator that makes it easy to log in to your accounts with increased security. Let’s take a look at how to use the original iOS 15 2FA code generator that comes with autocomplete on the iPhone and iPad.

You are probably used to using a third-party application to generate 2FA codes like 1Password, Authy, Google Authenticator, etc. (Or using the less secure 2FA SMS option). But now with iOS 15 there is a native integration for generating 2FA codes as well as filling them in automatically when logging into accounts.

Whether you want to simplify your setup by removing a third-party 2FA app or just want to try out the original 2FA for iOS 15, here’s how to set it up and use it with your iPhone and iPad.

This feature will also arrive on Mac with macOS Monterey this fall.

How to use the code generator for iOS 15 2FA + autocomplete

Quick option

  • When viewing the QR code of a website / service to set up 2FA, press and hold it in iOS 15 and select Set the verification code
  • In our testing we did not always see this option available, follow the instructions below for a guaranteed way to set iOS 15 2FA codes and autocomplete

Manual option

  • Launch iOS 15 on iPhone or iPad, open Application Settings
  • Swipe down and tap Passwords
  • Create a new login / password or select an existing one
  • Tap at the bottom Set the verification code
  • Select yes Enter the setup key or Scan the QR code to complete the setup
    • To find the QR code to set up 2FA for any account, see the settings for that service / website (e.g. Twitter settings> security> 2FA)
  • You will now see the 30-second regenerating 2FA codes that appear for each login item in iOS Settings> Passwords, but they will be filled in automatically whenever you need to use them in the future.

Type of professional: For all accounts where you have already set up 2FA, you will probably need to turn it off and then turn it back on to set it up with iOS 15 native 2FA and autocomplete integration.

Here’s what the setup process looks like:

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<p>Once you’ve set up 2FA via the website / service in iOS 15, you can view the 6-digit codes that are constantly being regenerated in the Settings> Passwords> select login app. </p>
<p>But the best part is the next thing you need to sign in and enter your 2FA code, iOS 15 will automatically fill it in for you 😎.</p>
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