How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

Here are the questions for all of you Mac iMessage users. How often did you want to reply to a particular message rather than the most recent? You can do this using the built-in answers, which are available in Messages for Mac, just like it is on the iPhone and iPad.

Almost all instant messaging platforms and social networks these days allow you to reply to messages individually no matter how old they are. This feature is extremely useful in group conversations involving many people. Not so long ago, this was a feature that was missing in iMessage. But with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur updates and newer, Apple has brought inline responses to the messaging platform.

How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

Let’s start with the basics here. Make sure your Mac is currently using at least macOS Big Sur or a newer software version before trying to access this feature. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the standard Messages app on your Mac from the Dock.

    How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

  2. Open the conversation and right-click or press Control-click on the message you want to reply to. Then select “Answers” from the context menu.

    How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

  3. Now every other message in the thread will be grayed out indicating that you will be sending an inline response. Type your message and press Enter to send it.

    How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

  4. The inline response will appear in the message thread as shown in the image below. If there is more than one reply to a message, you can click on the number of replies below the text bubble to see any additional replies.

    How to Use Inline Answers to Messages for Mac

As you can see, it is very easy to use inline responses in the updated Messages app for macOS.

Inline responses can be useful mainly during group conversations, but can also be used in private threads. For example, they really make it easier to mention something from some time ago without confusing the recipient.

The Messages app for Mac also got a ton of other features with the macOS Big Sur update. You can now mention users in a group, which might be the next best thing to improving group conversations after answering a line. In addition, the app has finally reached its iOS counterpart with support for Memoji stickers, GIF search and message effects.

We hope you’ve been able to get a better group chat experience with features like replies and mentions. What are your impressions of the Messages app for macOS? Any more changes you’d like to see? Share your experiences with us and share your opinions in the comments section below.

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