How to use Apple Fitness + on a Mac

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Apple does not support Apple Fitness + on the Mac, but there is now a way to bypass the limitation and take advantage of most of the service.

Apple Fitness + is an extremely well-designed service that works on every Apple device – except the Mac. The company has yet to state the reason why the Mac was shut down, but the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey has alleviated the problem.

You can now transfer Apple Fitness + from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.

Not ideal. There are limits to what you can do, or at least see. Plus, since you have to have your iPhone or iPad with you, you can easily use those devices most of the time.

However, when you’re at the Mac all day or when you’re in a group, a bigger screen is a boon. Of course, if you want a really bigger screen then you can use Apple TV 4K.

How to Transfer Apple Fitness + to Mac |

  1. Make sure the iPhone is on iOS 15 or later or the iPad on iPadOS 15 or later
  2. Make sure your Mac is on macOS Monterey or later
  3. Stand or sit near your Mac
  4. On iPhone or iPad, swipe down to reveal the Control Center
  5. Touch the screen mapping button
  6. Select your Mac from the list of devices that appears
  7. Run Apple Fitness + on your iPhone or iPad

The screen mapping button has been redesigned in iOS 15. Where once there were the words “Screen Mirroring” and the icon of overlapping frames in the form of a screen, now it’s just that icon.

What you’re actually doing is sending an iPhone or iPad screen to your Mac, and that means everything you show on the screen will be seen there instead.

That means two things. The first is that you can still control Apple Fitness + just through that iPhone or iPad. So, every time you want to start training, you have to touch the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Similarly, if you’re in training and need to pause or interrupt it, it’s the iPhone or iPad you’ll need to touch. If you haven’t used Screen Mirroring before, this isn’t necessarily obvious because iPhone may not display any controls on the screen until you tap.

Another thing is that you may have to rotate your iPhone. This is certainly true when uploading, for example, YouTube videos. Then rotate the phone to transfer the video from the thumbnail image to the full screen on the Mac.

What doesn’t transfer to a Mac

It’s not just Apple Fitness + controls that don’t show up on your Mac when you stream service to it. More importantly, you don’t get any Apple Fitness + information on the screen.

The Screen Mirroring button in the Control Center is now just an unmarked icon

So no matter what exercise you do, you won’t see rings of activity. They’re still updated, every hard workout you do moves those rings, but you can’t see them.

Keep them as a reward when you’re done and you can check your Apple Watch to see how many minutes of activity have been recorded for all your efforts.

Still, there is more. In total, you will not see on the Mac:

  • Exercise timer
  • Your pulse
  • Burning bar
  • Countdown for parts of training with high intervals
  • Music tracks
  • Ring activity
  • Move the ring
  • Standing ring

Keep in mind, too, that you won’t see anything else that was on your Mac’s screen. Streaming completely replaces it, effectively taking over the entire screen.

So you lose sight of all kinds of information. However, most of this Apple Fitness + information will be displayed on the summary screen at the end of your session.

So when you’re done, swipe to open the Control Center, then tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

Now tap Stop Mirroring. Streaming will stop, and your iPhone or iPad will now display that summary screen.

Streaming to Mac sends video, not heart rate, timer or any other data on the screen

Streaming to Mac sends video, not heart rate, timer or any other data on the screen

What do you get with streaming Apple Fitness +

Despite all the limitations, Apple Fitness + looks good on a Mac. Maybe it’s especially so with something like meditation that you can do while sitting.

But the service should be on a Mac, and this way, it actually is.

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