How to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone using AnyTrans

The iPhone 13 is at the door and there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the latest iPhone this fall. Apple is expected to introduce portrait videos, high-speed refresh screens, better cameras, a new CPU and more with the iPhone 2021 portrait. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new iPhone, here’s how you can transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone effortlessly.

When you switch to a new iPhone, you’d like to take data from your old iPhone with you. It is unproductive to set up a new iPhone from scratch.

Transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone

Apple offers a native way to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one. Let’s talk about it first.

Use Apple Quick Start

With Apple’s quick start process, users can quickly set up a new iPhone or iPad using data from the current device. You can then restore the remaining data from your iCloud backup.

Quick Start offers wireless migration of data from device to device. You can easily transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone in minutes.

Quick Start does not require you to back up your data beforehand. But you can always back it up on your computer

Both your iPhones will be busy during data migration. Therefore, choose the right time to set up your new iPhone. Follow the steps below to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone using Quick Start.

1. Turn on the new device and place it near the old device.

2. A quick start screen will appear on your current device and you will be prompted to use your current Apple ID on your new iPhone.

3. Touch continue for your confirmation and scan the QR code on the new iPhone using the camera app on the old iPhone.

quick start on iPhone

4. Enter the code of the current device on your new iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to set the Face ID on iPhone 13.

5. When prompted, enter the Apple password on your new iPhone and the transfer process will begin shortly thereafter.

You can transfer data to your device and restore apps, data, and other settings from an iCloud backup from your old iPhone.

Apple’s method is simple and does the job. But it has some drawbacks.

Apple’s shortcomings for a quick start

For example, you can selectively transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. Let’s say you just want to upload selected photos, so there’s no way to select specific media on your old iPhone to transfer using the Quick Start feature.

Also, Quick Start only works when you set up a new iPhone from scratch. Once you set up a new iPhone, you can no longer use Quick Start. You’ll have to delete and reset the iPhone first, which is time consuming and doesn’t make sense for most users.

With Quick Start, you can’t transfer some media files, such as unsolicited music and videos, to your old iPhone.

As you can see from the list above, Apple’s quick start is limited in certain ways. We have a better solution for you. AnyTrans for Windows and Mac is a complete data transfer tool for iPhone and iPad.

What is AnyTrans? Why should you download it?

AnyTrans is your all-in-one iPhone data management software for Windows and Mac. Unlike Apple’s quick start, you can transfer selected data from your old iPhone to your new one.

It also supports locally stored music and video files. All actions happen with one click — no need to go through dozens of steps to complete the transfer process.

Another advantage of AnyTrans is that it works without removing existing data from the iPhone. So you don’t have to delete and reset iPhone to restore data from the old device. AnyTrans will perform the transfer process and is smart enough to skip duplicate content on the new device. Neat, isn’t it?

In total, AnyTrans can transfer up to 27 types of data from your old iPhone to your new one. The goodness doesn’t end there. You can also transfer WhatsApp conversations to the new iPhone. You can also keep a backup of your chat on your computer. And yes, the same goes for LINE and Viber.

If you are using an iCloud backup, AnyTrans will also allow you to restore data from a backup file. In short, AnyTrans offers many reasons for excitement.

Use AnyTrans to transfer iPhone data

Now that you know what AnyTrans is capable of, let’s take advantage of the data transfer software from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 13. Go through the steps below.

1. Download and install AnyTrans from the official website.

2. Open AnyTrans and go to the Phone Switch menu from the left sidebar.

3. Click on Migrate now and connect both iPhones to your computer.

select migrate

4. Make sure you have the correct target and source devices in the software. Click on Next button.

5. Select the types of data you want to transfer from your old iPhone to your new one. Remember to enable the Skip Duplicate switch at the bottom. Hit Next.

data transfer from old iPhone

The transfer process will begin and after a few minutes you will receive a successful notification from AnyTrans. Be patient here and do not try to turn off any device during the transfer process. Otherwise you will have to go through all the steps again.

The remaining time will be estimated based on the amount of content you are trying to transfer from one iPhone to another.

AnyTrans is not limited to transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one. It is more of an iPhone manager that will help users with a huge amount of time with data backup, iPhone application management and more.

You can also download videos online, create custom ringtones, and even copy your iPhone screen to your computer using AnyTrans. Yes, it really brings a big blow compared to rivals. No wonder AnyTrans records over 10 million downloads globally.

Price and availability

AnyTrans is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. A lifetime plan costs $ 50 for one Mac or Windows computer. You can also continue with a family plan that opens AnyTrans for up to five devices.

Are you ready to get started with your new iPhone? Use AnyTrans and transfer all data from your old iPhone.

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